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Today, I was driving with my grandma and she was going 30 over the speed limit. To slow her down, I said, "Hey look, the police". She slammed on the brakes so hard I hit my head on the dashboard. FML
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That would attract more attention than the speeding itself

It would've just been easier to say slow down or something


That would attract more attention than the speeding itself

Probably would if there had actually been police. On the bright side though, at least OP's grandma wasn't rear ended, which is where I thought the FML might be heading.

#1 it definitely would have, not to mention giving the grandma a heart attack. I say OP deserved headbutting the dash, if you've seen the price of speeding tickets for going 0-10mph over in the US I can't imagine what 30mph+ would cost. Grandma shouldn't have been speeding but that was a terrible way to get her to slow down whether she would have listened to reason or not...

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"Grandma got pulled over by the cops..."

It's the little old lady from pasedena.

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#71 The price of speeding tickets varies by state. Some states believe it or not have relatively cheap speeding tickets, like Kentucky where the maximum is $50.

But then they can't give her a ticket for speeding because they don't get an accurate reading

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Really? We're going politically correct on the verbiage for old farts now? Sorry but that's just "retarded."

I believe the correct term now is 'intellectually disadvantaged'. At least that's what the classes at school are called for kids with special needs. :,) I need a how-to guide for all of this, these terms change often.

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It would've just been easier to say slow down or something

I imagine Op didn't just tell her to slow down because she didn't think that the grandma would listen to her and would think she was back seat driving. Saying there were police around makes her slow down for the moment (well should have made her slow down and not slam on the breaks) and also would make the grandma think there may be more on the road so she may slow down for a longer period of time.

dumbass! never startle someone whike driving..

She said "hey look the police," no where does it say she yelled it. And if someone says "look the police" and you are startled enough you slam on the brakes then you probably shouldn't be driving. No one slams on the breaks when they see the police or hear someone say there's one there.

it doesn't matter if she should drove or not, grandma was doing something wrong and saying there is a policy ce is enough to startle her. for example "oh look a snake underneath you." it doesn't have to be yelling to scare someone.

A snake and a police car are totally different things. For one thing, a snake is freaky and I'm worried about it biting me, and I'm also not driving a vehicle that is capable of killing people. No one should be startled enough by this to slam on the breaks, especially when going 30 over the speed limit. Does no one else ever drive in a car with a friend or family member and calmly let them know a police car is around so they slow down and don't get a ticket? I have done this numerous times with my family members and no one freaks out.

"I don't get startled when I'm doing something that can get my car impounded and see the cops, so no one else would ever get startled." That is your entire line of logic and it's fail. Snakes are a perfect example. Cuz, you know, if someone said there's a snake under me it wouldn't startle me. I won't sit here and say that anyone who does get startled is wrong though. Also calmly and politely saying something go a long way toward keeping someone from freaking out. My thought is OP was being a douche and yelled it. Then ate dashboard for not wearing a seatbelt. Karma is fast acting.

I would tell the driver if there's a police car near us, I think that is a pretty normal thing to do. And most people don't react crazy to it, they either stop what illegal thing they were doing or do nothing. I have never exsperienced someone getting startled or something like that. It has never gotten me into troubles. And nowhere does it say that anyone yells it. but simply calm and normal informs the driver.

#5 Don't call someone a "dumbass" when you can't even spell correctly...dumbass

You're right, OP's grandma shouldn't have been startled...because she shouldn't have been going 30 over the speed limit! She was obviously aware of what she was doing as she slammed on the breaks and is clearly a very reckless driver if that's her knee jerk reaction when she's already doing something that could kill someone. If I was in the car with someone who was driving like that, family or not, I would get out and call for someone to get me because I wouldn't trust them with my life. People seem to forget that driving is an everyday thing that can kill people and needs to be taken seriously.

I see drivers everywhere hit the brakes at the first sign of the police, even if they are travelling at the correct speed. It actually annoying when people slow suddenly to well under the limit while the police are visible.

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Speed doesn't kill! Suddenly becoming stationary is what gets you.

Dude let grandma play real life grand theft auto. It may be the last tine she gets to drive before her license is suspended .

Dammit I shouldn't type and drink ... **time***

If we're playing GTA I call raiding the first protected bank truck we see.

Just because she's a grandma doesn't mean she's senile or becoming senile

You won't be saying that when she hits and kills someone.

So it's okay to endanger your own life,your grandson/granddaughter's life and anyone who is driving near you intentionally just because you're old?! She can endanger her own life how much she wants to regardless of her age,but when she endangers the lives of other drivers and her own grandson/granddaughter who is clearly uncomfortable with the speed she should be punished for doing so,regardless of how old she is or whether her license will be suspended soon. I don't think the OP should have lied to her about the police because this could and did happen,but I understand why he/she would do so. Even if he/she didn't ask her politely to slow down before she most likely knew she was speeding and endangering her grandson/granddaughter's life if she slammed the brake at the mention of the police. If she didn't know she was endangering lives by speeding she shouldn't drive in my opinion.

Seat belt would have helped. Just saying.

I'm guessing OP was wearing a seat belt. If he wasn't, then his whole body would've lunged forward.

Normally when a driver brakes, the seatbelt automatically locks. OP should not have hit his head if he had a seatbelt on correctly. JS

I was wearing a seat belt in a crash, and my head still tapped the dashboard, it's not impossible for it to happen with a seat belt on

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uh, the obvious difference here is that you were in a crash and only "tapped" the dashboard. If a crash only resorts in a tap, then it's really not possible for OP to hit her head on the dashboard when the car was just slowing down really fast.

it was a low speed t bone, I'm just saying it is still possible, unlikely, but possible

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"Slowing down really fast" is half of what makes car crashes so dangerous. Coming to a sudden stop from, lets say 75 (if the speed limit was 45 and she was going 30 over.) can cause whiplash, serious neck injury and head injury from blunt force. If OP was particularly tall it is possible the seat belt does not sit properly on them.

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You really shouldn't freak out people who are driving, so YDI. A better way to go about that would've been to calmly tell her you were uncomfortable.

I don't think Op yelled it. Plus, I don't see how saying there are police around is in any way startling or would make someone freak out. Anytime I drive with a family member and see a police car they don't I let them know there's a cop around and no one slams on the breaks, and they do the same for me. People should not be started by this.

Yelling has nothing to do with it. Going 30 over the limit and getting pulled over is almost always going to get your car impounded. So ummm yeah it can startle someone without needing to be yelled.

Maybe it can startle someone, but it probably shouldn't. if it actually startled her that much that she slammed on the breaks going 30 miles over the speed limit then I suggest grandma needs to practice driving in an empty parking lot with people shouting or doing things that is semi-startling so her first reaction isn't to slam on the breaks. And I am from Canada so maybe people here aren't afraid of seeing a cop car the same way as the states or something, but this just seems very weird to me that she reacted this way because she heard the word police. As I said previously, for everyone I know, it is a common curtesy to let the driver know if you see a police car and they slow down if they are speeding, no one I know, or have ever seen, just slams on the breaks.

Well dang, that's what happens when you mess with a driver, especially if she's old