By sakura_girl - United Kingdom
Today, it was my first time taking blood on the ward. The doctor saw that I was nervous and gave me a violent old man with schizophrenia who thought I was there to kill him. FML
sakura_girl tells us more :
Patient needs routine blood investigations; medical student needs more experience. That's the gist of it.
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  cupcakesnpot  |  9

Well.. you sir just took that one opportunity,,, THAT ONE OPPORTUNITY! To be first comment and squashed it like a watermelon hitting the side of a building... I hope you're happy!

  LiyIa_fml  |  8

Skitzo people are so fun to be around. As long as they're aren't any dangerous weapons around...... Becausw when they're angry. It's every man for himself :( But its stuff a thrill!!! >:D This is why I visit my friends Grandpa often.

  sakura_girl  |  14

Hehehe, like the half-evolved dinosaur that I am, I had to look up what 'OP' meant before I realised you were talking about me! Can't you reload to previous save? I had so much potential.

  bamagrl410  |  31

A cookie monster toy commercial came on right as I saw your profile pic. Coincidence?