By Ice cold - Australia - Cheltenham

Ice cold break-up

Today, my girlfriend decided to break the news that she wanted us to be "just friends." However, she did it not in just any old way - while ice-skating. I'm currently in hospital getting stitches in my arm after I tripped in shock and she ran me over. FML
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  GuessWhatKids  |  13

I love how whenever somebody tells a one-sided breakup story on here someone calls the gf/bf a bitch/asshole and says they deserve better. How do you know OP isn't a total dickwad who deserved it?

  Bibliovore  |  26

OP may have deserved the breakup, but it's hard to imagine anyone deserving to have their arm sliced open by an ice skate (or any other implement, for that matter).

  kristabelli  |  19

There should never be any such thing as "hospital bills." What a disgusting way to have to live. (I'm Canadian. This poster is obviously American. Poor sap.)

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Hospital bills don't even exist in communist countries. Yet America which is supposed to be the best will charge you $20,000 to put a finger back on and if you don't have the money that sucks because you'll just loose it. They really don't treat their people that well.

By  Bakarra  |  22

yea I hate when I take a girl on a romantic date and then don't have the common decency to at least wait for the date to end to break bad news, I feel your pain brah, real talk.

  DjeePee  |  24

And where do you read that the OP took her on a date*? Maybe she initiated the ice-skating, who knows. Also, I don't see why you have to wait with bad news. Waiting doesn't make it any better, an unwanted break-up will always be painful. Maybe OP's girlfriend thought that was the best time, doesn't make her a cruel bitch imo.

*sidenote, do you take someone on a date when (s)he is already your partner?

  DjeePee  |  24

Euhm, you misunderstood me, it was just a vocabulary question. We Belgians often use 'date' only for the... dates you have when you're not yet together with that person. When you are, we use different words, like 'een afspraakje'. I just thought Native Englishspeakers did the same thing and I was curious which words would replace 'date'.

  KeannaLove  |  32

I'm just taking a wild guess that she didn't mean to. But hey, maybe inflicting injuries is a new form of solidifying the break up. You just never know nowadays.

By  UnicornsForKurt  |  7

This must have been at Ice House in Melbourne, its the only ice skating joint I know of. You should have thrown her in front of the City Circle tram meanwhile chowing on some Nandos and getting some of that good old Peri Peri in ya wound. That would have shown her.

  perdix  |  29

#14, It could have been the Ice Walkabout in Gold Coast. You could have given her a Vegemite sandwich, driven her out to the outback in a fried-out combie, chundered, let a dingo eat her baby and ditch her to let her deal with the pommie bastards, abbos and creamies. No worries, mate, g'day!