By ReineXre


Today, I went to the bathroom in a mall. As I was in the stall, a woman tried to open it. I yelled out that's it was occupied but she kept shaking it to open it. It came up to the point where she had to crawl under the door to see that I was there. FML
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  izzajaneful  |  24

The fact that it was locked and OP was shouting makes me wonder if this woman was legitimately mentally disabled. Nice to know the majority of people here so quickly jump to face-kicking just for being glimpsed on the toilet.

Imagine if it was a non-verbal autistic woman who slipped away from their companion for a moment, and you broke their nose with your shoe. You'd kinda feel like an asshole, huh?

  katachristic  |  19

that does suck, but doesn't invalidate your own rights. everyone should have the right to privacy in certain moments, and honestly, if someone came at me from underneath a stall door, I'd assume it was violent and kick them regardless of their mental status, exercising my right to self defense against a perceived threat.

  izzajaneful  |  24

Maybe if they reached out and grabbed at you, or had a weapon. I think it's an extreme overreaction to kick a face that appears under the door. What can a person do to you with their face? Just look. And the proper response to that is not violence.

  jimluminaye  |  17

Regardless, that's just how people react. A good question is why are you so quick to assume these people are assholes and not just startled and freaked out? Don't put yourself on such a pedestal.

By  Geckosrock99  |  33

I don't get some people. Public bathroom with a door locked and a woman yelling from the other side? Gee, I think it might be occupied. Back off and wait for an open stall like a normal person. Dumbass woman.