By cardsftw - 16/08/2012 19:50 - United States - Compton

Today, I was so bored that I actually read the iTunes store's terms and conditions. FML
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linkinpark98 23

The cure for cancer could be hidden in those, and none of us would ever know.…

minidinosaurgoes 9

One does not simply read the terms and conditions.


linkinpark98 23

The cure for cancer could be hidden in those, and none of us would ever know.…

magicman13 9

That would suck, cause no one reads them


Uh, 13, that was kind of the point of #1's comment...

There are some secrets that apple doesn't want us to know about

cantthinkofshit 5

Holy balls! His name has 13 in it he is comment # 13 and he has 13 thumbs down!! What the fck!

MindFreakazoid 10

#33 Not all secrets! They don't have the secret to the universe! Everybody knows its 42.

59's comment is ironic because of their profile picture.

That is a FML or more like a "you need to get a life" :/

Haha and I 59 was the 13th person to thumb you up :)

After the first page it's probably just randomly pushed buttons. They figure no one reads it either.

95, I don't think you know what "irony" means

62- 42 is the answer to EVERYTHING Its even the reason there is a terms and conditions (if you think hard enough you'll figure it out, .... Or get a headache)

MindFreakazoid 10

115 - Your username says it all, my friend.

spekledworf 18

So what's it say about turning you into the himan centipad?

Only 3 people get terms and conditions that include that.

Hey, linkinpark98 way to steal that from reddit!!

JocelynKaulitz 28

1 - Except OP. He knows all the secrets now.

That's got to be the least-satisfying job ever. Writing something you know millions of people will say they read but not actually read. EDIT: Now that I think of it, kind of makes you think of the Bible...

bfsd42 20

42 is the answer to LIFE, THE UNIVERSE and EVERYTHING. If only I could think of the question. Hmmm!!

True. At the end of it all, at least the OP won't become the next Human Cent-iPad

MindFreakazoid 10

168 - The question is "Doctor WHO?" I just know these things.

summerguy97 16

It says not to use iTunes or any other Apple software for anything dangerous like nuclear arms/reactions, among other things.

minidinosaurgoes 9

One does not simply read the terms and conditions.

Lindahhxd 7

I bet half of us agreed to a kidney transplant without knowing.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

No, not a kidney transplant. More like a humancentipad. Haha.

Hey your supposed to read that it even says "I have read and agree to the term and conditions" it's illegal not to read them :p

perdix 29

#2, one just did and it was so unpleasant, it became an FML.

39 - So is downloading free music, but most of us do it anyways. Same with J-walking.

Ignore this post. My post above was posted twice.

Technically it's illegal to go over the speed limit too. Doesn't stop the vast majority of us.

Actually 39, it is under discussion wether or not the agreements are legal. It has been proven that to fully understand what you are agreeing to, one would have to have a degree in law, making the consumer agree to something they don't understand.

sumbum95 15

Lmao!! Made my day!! Hunmancentipad! Poor Kyle.. :/

30 - Oh, goodness..I'm very gullible by the way..Your comment makes me want to read the Terms of Condition now..

78, I'm voting for renaming it from speed "limit" to speed "reference" cause that's all most people do. You're not in a 30 zone worrying about if you're doing 30, you're worried about 35, simply referencing off of the "limit"

Na 30 mph is just the minimum speed limit.

No. That's actually a different thing. In a 30 it would probably be 20 mph. In a 60 it's around 40. If someone knows the precise numbers please correct me on the probably likely chance my numbers are wrong. Thank you.

Sorry, iPod ****** up and sent the message twice sooooo...this sentence is false...

On the road I live by a comedians words. Cop didn't see it I didn't do it.

I always read them. I know they are boring but they help sometimes! :)

So everyone actually thought I meant its illegal -.- this site needs to have a section to teach sarcasm

Lol I've done that when I didn't have internet

Psych101 9

Oh good, I've been wanting to ask someone this. Do we all unknowingly sell our souls to Apple? I feel like one day they're all going to call us on it.

Shit, the Bible was right! Except instead of God rapturing us, it's going to be Steve Jobs collecting all our souls from his perch in Heaven!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Well the jokes on Apple! I already sold my soul to Microsoft..haha.

If that's true, all the companies that have a claim to my soul are going to have to battle it out for ownership rights in an arena death match, '90s computer game style.

coughyochick 7

52- didn't that happen on an episode of sponge bob?

Apple actually has put stuff in their terms and conditions as a joke since no one reads them. I remember there being a discussion because the TaC for iOS5 jokingly stated that they had right to your first born son or something. :/

Bonzer 2

Aren't you not supposed to use TXT language? Does this count?

Did it make your day more or less boring?

I don't know about if it made OP's any less boring or not, but OP surely will think twice before buying anything from iTunes again after reading all that.

Was there a clause stating if you agreed, your mouth is sewn to the ass of a Japanese businessman?

Nah it just says to me: 1. You cant by our crap outside america. 2. You cant buy our crap outside america. 3. You cant buy our crap outside america.

jacquesromualdez 12

Well who doesn't make reading a 63 page legal document a hobby? This is my Friday night! Haha.

ImmaB3AST 7

No, but I'll tell you what IS in there. "....blah...blah....yak....yak...agree to have soul harvested for use after passing....yak...yada....blah".We sign away our souls, and when we die they are placed inside each iPhone 4s and forced to impersonate an alien named Siri. This has been an official public service announcement brought to you by the Zune.

They were posted at just about the same time.

Did you see the clause about it being against their policy to incorporate iTunes into the designing of nuclear weapons?

Wait, what?!? When I was designing nuclear warheads in my backyard, I'd have them play a nice little song from iTunes as they flew through the air. I gotta leave the country before Apple launches a lawsuit.

this actually makes me almost want to read them.. just to see what is in there

Hey you don't want to become a centipad like in South Park.

Well, If you were that bored, it must have sounded like music to your ears (haha, I crack myself up).

SenselessPattern 12

You made me frown, so that's something right there.