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Today, I received a $50 iTunes card for my birthday. I immediately sat down at my computer and starting buying all my newest favorites. Then I realized I never redeemed my card so the $50 was all charged to my account. FML
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Easy fix, sell the card for what it's worth, then use that money to pay off the account charges. You lose no money, and the card was made useful.


FAIL Why waste money on apps that will probably disappoint you when you can jailbreak and get them for free?

sell the card and use the money to pay for it

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jailbreaking isn't worth it. it makes your iPod/iPhone a lot slower

Mine is jailbroken and isn't any slower than before?

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jailbreaking is retarded, its like putting a virus on ur device eventually it will **** it up, not worth the hundreds of dollars to replace it completely down the road

Wow. People these days don't know what they are talking about.

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your right you should really do some research kiddo

And if it fins up, you hold home and power button at same time, do a back up then restore. Is it really that hard?

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haha wow you must be so proud of your ignorant comments

Type in correct English with grammar please, your grammar is annoying me.

That's why you don't install stuff on 3G ;).

Explain how I've had an iPod touch for 3 years and an iPhone for a year and I've even jailbroken every time there is a firmware update and yet I have never had any problems.

Same, jailbreaking doesn't harm them unless you don't use it correctly. like downloading OpenSSH and leaving the password as "alpine".

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52, your a moron and I have poor grammar? glad we have that straighten out, now get a life and a brain, your beyond pathetic

you're, get it ******* right. School was made for a reason.

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your,your,your,your lol it's the Internet I have ever right to have poor grammar, you have some mistakes yourself and bitch to everyone else haha you poor poor pathetic person you

I do have a life anyways. I hang out with friends for 11 hours a day unlike you who rots on your computer all day.

I'm on my iPhone with auto-correct on.

If you can't afford a .99 cent app, there's no reason why you should own a $250 iPhone/iPod touch. Your excuse is probably well jailbreaking is legal and I want the themes but we both know you're stealing apps like other cheap bastards.

I use mine for tweaks, don't crack apps I pay for them. And jailbreaking is still illegal in my country but they don't do nothing about if.

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63, the fact that you are on the internet claiming you have friends makes it even worse haha just stop trying

Yeah sure believe it or not, like I give a ****. I'm going sleep kbye

OP didn't say a damn thing about apps so I think it's funny that everyone is fighting over app stuff. maybe the OP legally purchased music on iTunes cause they support the bands that they like.

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70, aw don't go, who will I laugh at?

76 How can you laugh at him? He obviously knows what he is talking about, as do I. So you saying that jailbreaking screws up your iPhone is completely false since I've had a jailbroken device for 4 years. Just keep believing your lies.

I know yeah. I'm actually laughing at him thinking he knows what he's talking about. I bet he hasn't even owned an iPod or anything, just read reviews of someone who jailbroke their first device.

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so many trolls, shame that they just keep talking hahaha cracks me up, and just so you know I'm not a guy hahaha that fact you just assumed that based on nothing just proves my point.

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I thought that but then I realised that op would just be losing a total of $100 getting more stuff when he could sell the $50 card and it would be like nothing even happened!

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I hate it when whole comment chains disappear. at least the first comment chain di on the app.

yes!! it also dissapears on my itouch!

103, I don't think you've made one comment without any thumbs down.

I download all my apps from installous :D

who cares. redeem it and credit your account.

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So, you want OP to redeem the card and credit their bank or credit card account? If you don't have an itunes balance, it charges a real account. I don't think Visa would take an itunes card for payment... But nice try?

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Sell the iTunes card? 49.99?

Easy fix, sell the card for what it's worth, then use that money to pay off the account charges. You lose no money, and the card was made useful.

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well, pay it off, and then have your friend pay you 50 bucks for the card! that way, you have the music and then you have money back to pay it off.

You're lucky anyways. I've done that on XBOX and forgot to redeem my 1 year card and because my dad's Credit Card had no money on it, I got charged £95.

Why would you thumbs down it you ******* retard?

dude you gotta chill its a ******* website not your whole life...ohh right you don't have a life so you care so much about a thumbs down

And this, my pathetic friend, is EXACTLY why FML is turning into YouTube's "Thumbs up ******" situation

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There's something about a thumb pointing up that just makes people CRAZY..

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it's not a great debate, the fact is toilet paper belongs in position B, or else it's a huge pain to get.

I agree, people who put it under piss me off

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To me that's not a debate because I thought everyone has it positioned at choice B! By the way this my first comment haha I've been trying to comment for a while and I finally verified my account!

It's the great debate because it's a personal preference. For me, I prefer position A because its easier to pull the precise cut I want. There's no right or wrong in positioning your toilet paper.

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