By hiii. - 16/03/2010 02:27 - United States

Today, I was so bored I googled the word "bored." The results were boring. FML
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dudeitsdanny 9

Did he try to harass me here, too? Geez, get a life, dude. I'm sorry I didn't call you back after last night, but your ass was too loose.

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hahahahaa, thAt's so mean. but it may be true

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More like a MLIA than a FML.

you should have typed I am bored, that one is good and entertaining

fun fact about this post.. there is no number two

fun fact about this post.. there is no number two

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i'll tell this OP what my mom tells me..."if your bored I got some chores for you do to!" this sentence being uttered alone scares the boredness outa me Its at the top of the list. Not boring much?

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this fml is so dumb. and you know if you're bored then you're a boring person that's what my teacher told me, so you only have yourself to blame.

A SEARCH FOR "BORED" ON GOOGLE: " — Free Online Games, Fun, and Entertaining Sites is a great place to play Free Online Games. In addition to free games we also have fun and interesting websites that will cure your boredom. - Cached - Similar I Am Bored - Sites for when you're bored. Are you bored? lists places to go when you are feeling bored. - Cached - Similar Things to do when you're bored - a bumper list of pointless ... Things to do when you're bored - a bumper list of pointless timewasters. - Cached - Similar Bored To - Saving The World From Boredom! Saving the world from boredom! You can find lots of stuff like games, funny pictures, videos, jokes, animations and lots of other things for when your dying ... - Cached - Similar " HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT'S BORING?!

just go take 3 straight shots of the strongest wine around. n u won't be bored

this is among the most awesome fml entries!!

if your bored go search up what a blue waffle is...

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heey i do that everyday! ...fml

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what do you expect to get when you search that op? fun and un-boring things? I agree with #66, search for blue waffle, and lets see if you're going to feel lucky after that.

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lies!!! this is fake. I've done that before and found quite interesting sites like Who moded this? really, is this really FML material?

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Why is this on here? Who moderated this one?

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and so was everyone who approved this fml

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Don't know why this got approved but is great... next time check out the virtual bubble wrap

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New favorite site? I think so! Thanks (:

And it should have thrown up Clearly OP searches with their eyes closed...

Isn't this more appropriate for MLIA? Then again, maybe it isn't...I don't really read it because it's ******* boring.

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