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Today, I was bored. Some people would've called up friends to hang out. Not me. I had the sudden urge to make an entire Excel Spreadsheet on how much I've spent on iTunes, month-by-month. I'm not sure what's worse, that I got really into it, or that I've spent nearly $800.00 on iTunes. FML
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Read the iTunes Terms and Agreements before agreeing!! humancentipad!!

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Giggity Giggity! I like apples!!

^ this guy knows what I'm talking about

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Illegally downloading music= theft. Yay for you!


#19, 'giggity giggity'? that's a sexy word now isn't it? :

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Yes, I'm an idiot because I believe theft is immoral. I'm so glad that the fact that I actually purchase music makes me a moron. Some day I want to be just like you! I aspire to commit theft while cowardly hiding behind me computer. I guess I don't have the balls to spite the music labels and artists who work very hard at producing the music I enjoy. I'm so stupid! Damn me for having self respect to not to have to stoop so low!

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Awww, did someone get offended? Poor wittle baby! I guess your parents failed at parenting because someone never learned that theft was wrong.

I know theft is wrong but the way u worded that comment was stupid

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Did you not learn your lesson when you bought $80 on Glee soundtracks? At least your iPhone/iPod is now filled with Glee, Elton John, Enya, Liberace, High School Musical, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber and some NWA sprinkled in to keep it "gangsta"

I do have to give 46 one thing, he did say he was an idiot and a moron and wanted to be just like us!

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Good for you 51. I hope you're happy with being a blight on society.

For the last time, downloading music, films, games, ..... is not theft ! When someone takes something from a physical store without paying for it, that's theft. When you download a music you just get a copy of it, nobody looses anything. I'm not saying it's a good thing but it's definitely not the same as stealing. When I download something it's because I'm not sure that it's really worth spending my money on it. Then if it's good I buy it.

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I honestly don't know why you're all ******* whining. Downloading without paying for it is theft. There's a reason why it's called illegal downloads. You can try to justify it all you want but if you're caught you will pay. and in most cases you already have by catching some sort of virus or worm or Trojan Now that being said SXE please stop being all high and mighty on your crusade to tell people to stop downloading. they will either catch a virus and need to clean or pay to have it cleaned or have to pay royalty fees for one woman in MI cost her 2.4million dollars for all 12 songs she downloaded from torrents/limwire

Listen to these people 46 and I also believe the music industry is pretty well off even with the amount of illegal downloads...I mean if Rebecca Black can become so popular and make so much money then anyone can, same with Justine Bieber. You just sound like some 13 old kid with his thumb up his ass believing that the world is a kind and nice place. Or just some stuck-up Christian who believes the same.

To anyone saying that iTunes is ok compared to downloading free music, it's not. Buying songs off iTunes is considered theft too. I know it sounds stupid, but that's how a lot of artists view iTunes. They say it's killing the music industry.

To people who say that iTunes is better than downloading songs and other things for free, it's not. I know it sounds stupid, bit iTunes is considered theft. A lot of artists hate iTunes, and believe that it is theft. They also believe that iTunes is killing the music industry. If I want to support the artists, I'll go out to the store and buy the album.

Sorry about the double comment, my iPod is being an ass. Damn you Steve Jobs!

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I'm not naive, nor am I a Christian. I know that the world is not a "kid and nice place" which is obvious from the people that are blatantly admitting to theft. Just because a company is "well off" doesn't make it justifiable to steal their product. The entertainment company as a whole (video games, film, music, literature, etc) loses billions of dollars a year from illegal pirating. No reason/argument will ever be able to justify the taking of someone's product without permission or paying for it. My father is the CEO of a company that's fairly successful. Are you saying its okay to steal from my father?

Agreeing with 63 I just have to give this analogy. A store is selling a bottle of coke for $1 A friend of mine (or someone I don't know for reference purposes) buys one, then copies it(let's say he does chemical tests to find the recipe blah blah) Then decided to give some to all the people that asked for it including me. Is that really immoral theft on my part? For the purpose of this analogy ignore the fact that that would actually be legal to do.

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really? theft? is borrowing a cd theft? if I like the artist enough, I'll pay to go to one of thier concerts, where all the money will go to them and not some pig record label.

it's barely theft. it's a copy of something. and everyone has technically "stole" music, because even lending a cd to a friend IA considered stealing. And really, why would you spend $800 on music, when it's easy enough to get illegally for free!

60- why would you want the "rotten banana" in the first place?

How can it be hurting the companies or artists if they never had the money in the first place?

I download games illegally so I can try it first. no one likes buying a game, hating it then sending it back. Not all shops here give you full refunds anyways, most give vouchers to spend in that shop. So yeah; "try before you buy", unless you keep it and don't buy the game, it's classed as theft.

There is a reason it is called "copy right". It means that as the creator of the artistic work you have the exclusive "right to make copies". If you didnt have that right then there could be no profit motive encouraging people to produce (and benefit from) creative works. Why should I practice my art for thousands of hours, pay countless thousands of dollars for recording and instruments and musicians and marketing and distribution just so that you can have the fruit of my labor, risk and expanse... for free? When you dont pay the artist you are stealing their right to make copies and reducing their work to slavery. You are not entitled to their product any more than I am entitled to force you to work for me for free. This selfish sense of entitlement by suburban brats who haven't produced anything of value themselves needs to end.

I would never compare our musicians to slaves. I'm pretty sure slaves aren't making 50 million a year bud.

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WOW just stfu sxe_beast, EVERYONE is thumbing you down because your a fail for spending money for music! :D

First of all, even though you don't take anything physical, it's still theft. The artist owns the idea of the song, the specific pattern of tones and sounds, and you're stealing that. Second, do you really buy a song you've already downloaded? You can hear almost any song on YouTube. Penultimately, just because an artist has millions doesn't mean they deserve to be stolen from. They deserve to be paid for their work so they can continue to take the risk of releasing more work. It's just like with pharmaceuticals—they need the exclusivity of intellectual property law so they can make better drugs. That benefits everyone. And lastly, neither iTunes nor record labels are stealing. Just like a retail chain, iTunes sells distribution—artists are in contact with more consumers and consumers with more artists. They take a share for that. Record labels also sell distribution as well as production. They take a risk with each song and deserve to be paid for it. This is one monster of a comment—don't steal it!

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limewire was taken down. the best thing yet is MP3rocket. it has songs videos chat tv shows movies all that good stuff in one client and neatly organized in tabs.

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"WOW just stfu sxe_beast, EVERYONE is thumbing you down because your a fail for spending money for music! :D" I would rather consider myself fortunate that I don't have to resort to theft for the things I want. I don't see the fail in that.

its called not being an ass cuz frostwire rox!!!!

frost wire. = saving lots of money. try it.

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Pirating is not theft. A thief takes the product, and leaves nothing behind. Someone who is pirating, copies the product, therefore leaving it still there. Pirating: Imagine if your car was stolen, but it's still there in the morning. (I saw it in an picture from the app "Demotivation" that I downloaded for my iPod. :D it makes sense..)

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this was so anboying to read that sxe person probably doesn't have a life. :)

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guys don't u get it? ur all wrong. the reason ur wrong is for arguing with someone online, which automatically makes u stupid.

182 but arguing on the Internet makes me feel tough

73 Some artists don't release their music onto iTunes because they feel it ruins the music albums record as a whole, one of those artists being Garth Brooks, he feels that when people can have the option to only buy the hits off a record it ruins the whole cd. . . That being said the artists have the option to release the rights to iTunes to allow sales, so buying from iTunes is not theft.

thats what you get for choosing apple. ;3

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Sxe I respect the fact that you stand up for your morals and have a system of ethics, however I do not need you to shove it down my throat. If I want to pirate music, that's my decision, and you have no right to criticize it.

did you not read the FML she didn't know!

someone's got *****-ish-ness to flash .

either way she still had the money, knowing or not knowing about it.

If you read the FML correctly, she said," or that I've spent nearly $800." so she did know. The key word was 'spent'.

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I'll spend mine on a *******... from you. Damn you're cute, how much do you cost? I'll throw in an extra $100 for a titty-****.

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So I see you like to show off perhaps that's why you have no friends.....

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this coming from someone not even using their real picture.

41 What does having a real picture on FML have anything to do with having friends?

yea 41 I fear you may be an idiot this isn't facebook but then again facebook blows

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why the hell would you care about my picture, just because you choose to display yourself on this website doesn't mean everyone must do it as well...

I don't think I've even spent $800 total on vinyl records and CDs combined, let alone itunes!

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hi it's called mediafire. dumbass

iTunes is not only music, it is also apps, videos, movies etc.

yeah don't support the musicians who work hard to put out music you enjoy... dumb bitch

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Yikes! I could think of a dozen other things to spend $800 on other than iTunes.

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WTF is your problem OP? Please go outside or something...