By Anonymous - 21/07/2011 10:43 - Australia

Today, I was sitting waiting for my train for a long while. When it finally came, I had pins and needles in my foot. When I got up, I fell and unsuccessfully stumbled towards the train. The doors closed and it left without me. FML
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no 7, someone had snuck several sharp objects into OPs foot without him noticing duh

Hogwarts changed its mind about you.


Idonebeenhad 17


I didn't know when your foot fell asleep it affected you that badly

15, only if your a pussy

How was your trip?

have a nice fall

you're waiting for a train... you don't know where this train will take you, but it doesn't matter... cause we'll be together... Inception ftw

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man up !

juicedboi 7

Should have taken those hip hop classes that dudes girlfriend was teaching. I'm sure you could have danced your way to the train without using that foot. But you may have been mistaken for a drunk and wound up at an AA meeting. Either way at least you would have caught the train.

Jownz345 3

YDI for having a fat ass booty!!

oooohhh now i get what pins and needles means haha i thought it was literal

OP was not meant to be on that train...

haha, clever #74

Yeah. OP is probably lying, getting pins and needles at that exact time is unlikely, it doesn't affect you THAT BAD, and the train must've just arrived and unless it was a subway it'd probably stay for a few minutes. Just be glad you didn't fall in the tracks. ;)

The question is: how did you get pins and needles in your foot?

umm I think it's a saying that your foot fell asleep

no 7, someone had snuck several sharp objects into OPs foot without him noticing duh

hahaha yea I think that's what happened xD

I agree with 7 but 16 is funny lmao

enonymous 8

Underpants gnomes expanded their business model to pins and needles into feet.... profit increased 30%

yeah but whats the second step??

31. only 30% OP must have small feet

enonymous 8

Step 1 - needles in feet Step 2 - ??? Step 3 - Profit 30% increase in this economy is a great turn around

but there's still the mysterious second step...

enonymous 8

Most CEOs don't even know the second step. call up coke or pepsi ask that their 2nd step is

ah I believe the second step is marketing

enonymous 8

Marketing would go before needles in foot. not after

I just googled it no one knows the second step :(

Don't worry, I didn't get it either...

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hahaha 31 what are you smoking? xD

60, it's some damn good stuff I'll tell you that, I need some for myself

#31 south park!!!!! tweak! xD

looks like I need to invest in underpants gnomes.

36- step two would be waiting,

Hahahaha this puts a new meaning to the consequences of procrastination xD

procrastination? what?

waiting until the last second to do something you need to do

tht sucks for the person ):

that my friend is hilarious

Where's this "my friend" and why is he so funny?

duhhh my friend's the OP! ha...

ok then. *that, my friend, is hilarious

Hogwarts changed its mind about you.

OP should just take the Weaslys' flying car.

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lol, thank you for that.

That must have been a really hard seat or you were there one hell of a long time! Hope your wait for the next one was shorter!

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Should have hopped :p

kiaralove53 0

Should have hopped :p

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Ouch that sucks, hope you got your money back