By Anonymous - 21/04/2011 09:30 - Australia

Today, I was on train when an attractive girl got on. There were no free seats and seeing as how my stop was next, I gave her mine. As soon as I did, the train came to an immediate halt, due to "brake problems". I spent the next 40 minutes standing up. FML
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You were nice though! She might have appreciated it!

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you stood up for what you thought was right....


You were nice though! She might have appreciated it!

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standing up isn't so bad though, unless OP was reading or writing on the train

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yea, agreed it could have been 7 hours tho

you had forty minutes to get to know the lady but you decided to whine and post an fml. dude you could've got laid!

I wish that were true *sighs* a world free of *****. that would be a slightly better world

I thought I was the only one who thought things like that... like, I never understand why some girls feel the need to have sex with every guy they meet.. or on the first date... it would just cause pain in the long-run.

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oh no you had to stand for a whole 40 minutes whaaaa! man up pansy!

How would it cause pain in the long run? The heck? Chicks have sex for the same reason dudes have sex- because it feels good and they ******* want to. We have one night stands like you have one night stands. There's nothing wrong with that. Let people **** who they wanna **** and stop judging them and calling them *****. Us girls like sex, get over it.

51, not all of us view a "world free of *****" as a good thing...

A world free of ***** AND douches would be nice

A world free of ***** would not have overcrowding :)

By the way, by ***** I mean men and women who are loose.

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ummm no it wouldn't ***** are what makes life fun

you burned calories! yeaahhh budddyyyy!

I'm more than a little insulted that the term **** is being used solely for females! why is it a bloke can shag who the hell he wants but "that's ok"? To be perfectly honest you should stop worry about what other people, are or are not doing, with their sex life and enjoy how you live yours!

#85 Not all men and women have one-night stands. I agree that it's kind of a double-standard, though-- when guys have one-night stands, they're heroes. When women do it, they're *****. Something is very wrong with that...

we could all use a world of free *****

121 + 130, I was suggesting that women do it as much as men. Not all women have one night stands, but it's ridiculous to say that only men do it. And to everyone saying the world would be better without "*****", I don't think you realize what you're saying. You call any girl who sleeps with someone a ****. So in that case, without these "*****", no one would want to sleep with your fat, jobless ass. If you get rid of "*****" you get rid of sex.

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As a wise man once said, "A key that opens every lock is a good key, but a lock that opens to every key is a bad lock."

No. A **** is not someobe who sleeps with a man. A **** is someone who has sex because they like it, therefore they have sex with a LOT of men. A ****-less world would be nice. ***** are one of the causes for us humans becoming over populated. If you don't want a baby, don't make one. You just add to the chaos. As for men, Only 1/7 of men marry failthfully. How sad. (Most) Humans are disgusting. We're the most disgusting species in existance. you ***** and man-****** are all scums of the earth. And all the gluttons and ingrates. (Not fat people- Gluttons are people who eat because theres food, or because they want to. In other words, not because they are hungry. So they do not appreciate the food they eat) Anyways- off topic. ***** are disgusting.

#144, I think you misinterpreted what I was saying. I know that you were saying that women do it as often as men. I'm aware that not only men have one night stands, and I never suggested that only men do so. I know plenty of women who have had one night stands. I don't think that women who have one night stands are *****; I'm just saying that personally, it's not something I would want to do.

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shoulda said: "we might die today... I'm scared... let's have sex..."

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haha yea you shoulda, that's a certified thigh splitter right there....^^

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Good lord! Gentlemen still exist!!!

Horrible line lol. If that's the price to pay for taking the guys seat I would rather stand.

The sad thing is I know girls that would fall for that... repeatedly.

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you stood up for what you thought was right....

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and talk about the first thing that pops up?

For the girl's sake, I hope the first thing that pops up is his stop Dx

Would you sit on a guys lap that offers it to you?

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You're ok with sitting on a random's lap but aren't ok with having sex? (See first post for clarification) You are sending men mixed signals. *Side note: You can sit on my lap, I'm ok with mixed signals*

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women send nothing but mixed signals. It's known and accepted fact of life "Yes you can go out with friends" means "You should now say 'nah I'd rather stay in with you'" "size doesn't matter" means "I won't be with you long enough to matter" and "No you can't put it in my butt" means "I'll need at least 5 shots of tequila"

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I stand 8hrs a day at my job.

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*high five* to the people who stand! :)

It's great practice for standing in high heels, plus, I'm short, so it's win/ win!

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Me too! I've invested in comfortable shoes.

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I'm short too, so yes it's deff a win win! What I don't understand about this FML is that if he really had the heart to give up is seat, why complain? Now if he got up and tripped in front of her, then I'd feel more sorry. However he at the time wanted to do a good thing, had he of known he'd have to wait 40mins op sounds like he would of kept the seat! haha I'm new to commenting these!

haha for my job i sit out in sun all day.. lifeguard at a country club ^_^

I'm short but I am not a fan of just standing for prolonged periods. Too boring.

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lol I would have just sat on the floor

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