By LolKaleb - 27/08/2014 03:02 - United States - Frisco

Today, as I got out the shower, my mom walked in to give me a towel, then quickly covered her eyes and said, "Woah, I almost saw your penis. Good things it's ridiculously small." I had friends over, and I'm pretty sure I'll hear about this for at least the next month. FML
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It got posted yay. Well some were asking why I showered while friends were over. I had came from the gym and I left my door unlocked for them to come in since they were walking distance away. As I came back sweaty I decided to shower so I wouldn't ruin the couch. As I got out my mom came in to give me a towel since she didn't want me using my old one but she so happened to come in at the same time as me getting out the shower. My friends are still talking about it so yeah I have a good 2 or 3 weeks left before it's over.

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BananaMan844 4

Yikes... I'm real sorry about that, OP. Sounds like your mother needs to be a lot more mature!

More importantly why is his mum giving him a towel?


BananaMan844 4

Yikes... I'm real sorry about that, OP. Sounds like your mother needs to be a lot more mature!

Hope for your sake it's your mom making a joke, not prepping you for your disappointing genetics

Yeah, she came off as a little dick-ish.

Yeah, it's really not a big deal OP (giggles)

Yeah hopefully she was joking. It's not great being on the smaller side in the pants for sure. I hate genetics. Ugh.

The smaller the penis is, the better of a lover a man is. Because he needs to prove a point.

Druu 53

Not much of a point to be proven, if OP's mom has any say in the matter..

chlorinegreen 27

Could of went and played basketball or something and got all sweaty or if they all stayed over and it was morning.

More importantly why is his mum giving him a towel?

His friends might have called for him and he was just getting out of the shower to see them.

Damn, how awkward. It's never happened to me, in saying that, I haven't really had friends round in ages.

Why were you in the shower if you had friends over?

cadillacgal79 32

Ah yes, bathing in your own filth. That'll definitely get you clean.

His friends might have came over while he was showering.

sweetnsourrr 11

Taking a bath is no big deal and theres nothing wrong with it. You guys only disgusted by it because you can see the filth that you've been covered in all day. I dont have time for baths and the only time I do it is when Im really sore or aching. After I bathe I would shower with cold water for about a minute.

chlorinegreen 27

They're wrong, and they'll see that when they wont be able to walk for a while.

27's comment is even creepier when you look at his profile picture...

Well... Hopefully you're attractive cause if not... Surgery?...

Surgery....on a penis? Who friggen cares how your body looks -_-

Funny that when people, are logical and thinking right. Using common sense, THOSE comments get thumbed down. WELL DONE SOCIETY

PresidentNorth 16

nag nag nag. is what I got out of your butthurt comments.

This comment is too poorly written for me to take you seriously about "logic" and "common sense." And he never said surgery for OP's penis.

#94, you make the kind of comments I would expect of a 12 year old. Don't bitch about getting thumbed down, just get over it and move on with your life. It's not that big of a deal.

juststephhere 23

Well thanks mom! I guess parents are just like that sometimes, it's not a big deal. I'm sure this will blow over eventually!

#11: It'll get bigger from a "********!" ;-)

That's why you grab a towel before you get in.