By Noname - United States
Today, I ran for the train that was about to leave. I tried to hold the doors open with my leg and got stuck. The conductor just yelled out how unbelievable and ridiculous I was and waited 2 minutes to finally release me. Everyone was laughing at me. FML
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By  Tehalon  |  0

@#2: Depends on the type of train i guess, most traindoors here open again if something gets stuck between em (safety). Else the OP could have thought (s)he could push open the doors but turned out to be a weakling (OWNED!!)
Either way, you deserved it! Learn to be one time.

By  metalyoshi9  |  0

#3. I still wouldn't risk it. Can you imagine if it didn't stop? I can just see the OP getting dragged by the leg on a train...X_X

But good call. Learn to be on time!

By  ArmoredSandwich  |  0

You can't always be on time, and here the train doors always reopen.

Totally what any motivated person would do.

And in the end OP did got on the train now didn't he?

I've had plenty of times I had to pull open the subway doors, even let my friends in, as they just keep trying to close (but any man can pull 'em open).

By  Monty_Python  |  0

Wow you guys suck. The conductor could have easily re-opened the door instead of waiting for two minutes and making the OP look like an idiot. And "be on time"? He/She was on time. The OP got to the train before it left. He/She had one leg in and would have gotten all the way in had the conductor not been a jerk.

By  nipas13titans  |  0

I completely agree with #9, the conductor should have just opened the door and continued on his way. SImple as that. No need to make a rough situation even rougher... No respect I tell ya!


why would you have respect for someone coming too late? if the door's closing, that means you're too late. conductors that always reopen as soon as they see someone running their way are the ones wo are always late.