By Courtney - 21/07/2011 09:54 - United States

Today, I found out my grandmother has severe road rage after she complained about Pennsylvania drivers for over an hour, then decided to rear end one because he wouldn't get out of her way. FML
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Go to England. People drive on the wrong side of the road a lot.


So you can gore the person in front of you? That's bulls you're thinking of!

no he mean car horn you know? honk honk?

it's actually a car honking the horn it's just a coincidence. Problem?

11- we aren't rednecks. I live in Scranton,PA-where The Office is set- and nothing is worse then those asshole Jersery drivers. I live in a college town and they are everywhere. I also went to school at ESU on the NJ border and I wanted to choke them all

Yeah but do you have horns on the front of your car. Rednecks do. I hate rednecks.

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I swear me and my cousins were in Pennsylvania and some old lady did that to us... I'm going to kick your grandmas ass

that sounds like a REARLY END situation!

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She probably plays a lot of grand theft auto.

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Op, your grandma is bad ass !

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is this going to keep going till all 50 states are brought up?

113, I think 1 means horn, nobody calls it a klaxon...

I live in Hollidaysburg PA and I conclude that all the woman drivers are aweful here, and in the rest of the state, and the world

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Haha. It's a great way to solve all your driving frustrations.

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Haha. It's a great way to solve all your driving frustrations.

I think my grandma would get along with yours xD

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She needs to give her "gangsta grandma" some "Mary-Jane" and tell her to chill. This granny has that "if I'm going down everyones going down with me" attitude.

Be hopeful that she won't get mad at you O.o

Maybe she was in a rush because she had to drop the kids off at the pool.

Lmao! I'm from Pennsylvania, and she was totally justified, lol.

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same. my parents hate driving here, and yeah. no one can drive. it takes like a minute for people to go after the light turns green.

What's up with that left turn that everyone does there? If you are first or second at the light about to make a left everyone expects you to make an illegal left as soon as the light changes IN FRONT OF ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!! Even cops will honk at you if you dont do that. Its insane.

It's called the Pittsburgh left. Because most of our roads can't be widened to include left turn lanes, it's considered common courtesy to let the driver first in line to turn left if they are singling before the oncoming traffic starts moving. It keeps traffic going.

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gotta love Pittsburgh traffic patterns. "hey let's just close this road for a few years, no one will mind..."

I'd just love to see the cop's face: "So, officer, you see he was just dawdling along there up front and really pissing me off so I though I'd better shunt that mofo off the road!"

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you have the fricking best grandma evar!!!