By Username - 21/7/2011 11:14 - United States
Today, my dad came home and said that he was so inspired by hip hop dancers on TV that he decided to take a hip hop dance class. He signed up for the class that my girlfriend teaches. FML
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  cptmorgan6  |  8

Yo, listen up. You shoulda been like "Yo, pops. What you crazy, man? Yo, I don't even know what to say, yo. Fuckin octopus? Yo, what the fuck is this octopus? Yo, where the... yo what was I sayin? Oh yeah. Yo pops you nuts."


if ops girlfriend is a hip hop dance instructor then op must be into it as well to some extent so his dad is just probably trying to be apart of something he does, it's all probably not as random as he's making it sound


I guess I understood it differently. I thought op was trying to say his dad signed up for the class to watch op's girlfriend dance? idk maybe I just have a Pervy mind. I blame the Internet

  tjv3  |  10

oh how terrible , what a disaster, oh the agony , alas your life is over, you might as well just go into witness protection ... end of sarcasm


done with my milk. I think u left some on ur chin there if u can just get that for me. oh..., and is it mandatory that they wear cut off jeans? cuz he's the only one with them on.....

  Bekeliyr  |  10

haha you guys are perverted but funny. but seriously hiphop or roots of hiphop is very fun. my favorite is Breakdance. I love to do it to this very day. I hope it isn't too awkward and hope he bring home sone moves


-78 And repeating the same line over and over again is talented? The only talent behind "hip hop" songs are the ones who come up with beats and produce the music. Don't get me wrong, There are some good songs out there, but a majority of them are crap.

  chiddy_bang71  |  0

Some rap is bad, like Travis porter, waka flaka flame, solja boy, ect. some of it is very good, like chiddy bang, b.o.b, eminem, 2pac lupe fiasco, big L, ect. some rock is bad, like slipknot, nickelback, incubus, ect. some rock is very good like sublime (w or w/out Rome), red hot chili peppers, weezer, papa roach, ect. both genres have there good and bad artists.