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Today, my dad came home and said that he was so inspired by hip hop dancers on TV that he decided to take a hip hop dance class. He signed up for the class that my girlfriend teaches. FML
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mikaylajarvis 0

sorry to say but it's kinda funny

-78 your head is full of shit


mikaylajarvis 0

sorry to say but it's kinda funny

xGraycloud 4

awkward way for her to meet your dad...

what if they meet an she says " ive had the young calf, now u want the old bull" and she grab him by his wiener

grabbing him by his penis would be more effective

grabbing him by his penis would be more effective

******* double posts..

cc_the_beast 6

Just hope they don't bump n grind :-/

cc_the_beast 6

Just hope they don't bump n grind :-/

see? see? the double posts are haunting us.

it's freaking IPods that do the double posts. #hateit

cptmorgan6 8

Yo, listen up. You shoulda been like "Yo, pops. What you crazy, man? Yo, I don't even know what to say, yo. Fuckin octopus? Yo, what the **** is this octopus? Yo, where the... yo what was I sayin? Oh yeah. Yo pops you nuts."

26- I'm the new troll in town so get ready to be wreaked

84. I don't know who you are, but you smell like cow ******, I would enjoy seeing this

Ooh can I get your dads number? and while your at it your gfs too!

if ops girlfriend is a hip hop dance instructor then op must be into it as well to some extent so his dad is just probably trying to be apart of something he does, it's all probably not as random as he's making it sound

ImmortalKratos 0

I guess I understood it differently. I thought op was trying to say his dad signed up for the class to watch op's girlfriend dance? idk maybe I just have a Pervy mind. I blame the Internet

tjv3 10

oh how terrible , what a disaster, oh the agony , alas your life is over, you might as well just go into witness protection ... end of sarcasm

Double dream hands!

arlekin21 0

its just your dad dancing its not like if it was your grandma rear ending peiple from pensylvannia

iluvboobies 9


Erdricks_Sword 9

done with my milk. I think u left some on ur chin there if u can just get that for me. oh..., and is it mandatory that they wear cut off jeans? cuz he's the only one with them on.....

Bekeliyr 10

haha you guys are perverted but funny. but seriously hiphop or roots of hiphop is very fun. my favorite is Breakdance. I love to do it to this very day. I hope it isn't too awkward and hope he bring home sone moves

hahaha.....I just moderated this fml lol (:

iEatGuppies 0

hahaha cool story bro.

I'm so happy for you! oh wait I don't give a ****, nevermind

24- y u such a d bag

48 - y u care so much? 99% of what I say isn't serious.

HowAreYouToday 34

because you are a douch

Congrats! Would you like a sticker for that?

glutgyoogle 6

67- fail.

70. but making people who hate me angry is fun! :)

nixter5 18

People should have learned by now to NEVER take dolphincheddar seriously. just laugh. cause he's da bomb.

Im thinking of a number between -1 and 1. ( hint its the number of ***** i give)

dolphincheddar is my idol on here :D

89- since when was 1 the number that comes between -1 and 1? maybe it's 0? meaning he DOESNT give a ****? hahaha

dolphincheddar has trolls? He's now considered "successful"

cyanide and happiness

how embarrassing...haha :3

The more old and creepy his dad is, the more embarrassing.

I just thumbed u up for the picture, that's awesome

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, well if your dad ends up not being able to dance you'll know who to blame...

Girls love guys with dorky dads though! Out of all the options, shamelessly dorky is the most fun :)

Wow, what an incredible coincidence...

gabe2014 0

at least its not a booty dancing class? lol :P

Aww bonding through crappy music and moves that could break his bones, how cute :3

cc_the_beast 6

He likes chewing apparently...

tyty22796 0

crappy music??...its way f@ckin better than tht sh*tty music they call rock

-78 your head is full of shit

FYLinAmajorWay 1

-78 And repeating the same line over and over again is talented? The only talent behind "hip hop" songs are the ones who come up with beats and produce the music. Don't get me wrong, There are some good songs out there, but a majority of them are crap.

MissFukMyLuck 0

hey guys, opinions are like assholes, everyones got one and they all stink. I LOVE old school jazz and Johnny cash!!! let's all get over it :)

Some rap is bad, like Travis porter, waka flaka flame, solja boy, ect. some of it is very good, like chiddy bang, b.o.b, eminem, 2pac lupe fiasco, big L, ect. some rock is bad, like slipknot, nickelback, incubus, ect. some rock is very good like sublime (w or w/out Rome), red hot chili peppers, weezer, papa roach, ect. both genres have there good and bad artists.

Yay!!! If were all bashing on music, Fuck you polka. Fuck you.

Kn0wledge123 21

Rap is awesome-sauce Rock is awesome-sauce Fuck techno! :D

127- How could you? Techno means everything to me.

DontModMeDammit 10

120- I think you mixed up Incubus and Papa Roach, but don't worry I found your mistake.

dubstep is legit

akichan15 5

**** crunkcore, grindcore.... any other faggy genres that's infested with scene fags.

164's picture scArred me for life. That's pretty damn hard to do.

slushpup9696 12

Music is pretty good in all forms, even if it's Nyan cat.

also mixed up weezer with slip knot don't know how they did that...

Cheergal910 15

Bonding time!

dickydickman 0

does anyone else read FML while takin a dump?

MizzErikaHart 8

lol dont think so... usually before now

yupp, aka right now

yupp, aka right now

winnadapooh 4

oh 47, I am. :)

ImmortalKratos 0

girls dont poop...

102 - Haha true :p

liggity 1

47 it's the most peaceful place to read fml

102 is right. Girls don't poop. Get your facts straight. And i'm taking a dump right now.

Awesome_Guy2468 0

lol fyl

Na na na na. cant touch this.

except for you. you can touch me.

marryjaneex0 7

haha well thats awkward ..

kaykay9080 5

P!mp daddy~

Crncj 0

maybe it's not the dancers on tv that made op's dad want to take dance classes... it's always the girlfriend...

I don't think he's going there just to learn some new moves, maybe gf hot?

if ur girlfriend turns into ur mom well.... thts just the ULTIMATE crotch blow...

rhpsfan9 10

Well it will be a good time for them to get to know each other.