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  QueenSaru  |  36

I've always wondered... how DO you burn a candle at both ends? Stand there and hold it in the middle? Won't wax drip all over the floor? Plus it'd kill your productivity to have to hold something flaming while trying to work...

  downtime  |  20

But how that comment being sarcastic going to improve its quality? I thumbed it down knowing it was sarcasm. Just so you don't think your comment got buried entirely based on reader comprehension...

  simonsaysYDI  |  17

Eh not really. Depending on his job and whether or not he was already on thin ice, his boss is kind of an ass. I worked a 5am shift once and we didn't open until 5, so the managers didn't open up the store until 4:45. I got there at 4:35 one day and fell asleep in my car waiting for them to show up, and after 2 hours my boss noticed my car and knocked on the window. He just laughed because I screamed ._. BUT... That was a small business and they're generally less strict.

  KiddNYC1O  |  17

Some people work at places where they have to take a bus from their parking lot like me. Waiting for that bus can put you to sleep. But still, it doesn't justify why op didn't have an alarm to wake up to catch bus.

  downtime  |  17

3, So even if you arrive before your place of employment is open and you don't have access you should still enter the premises? Good logic. Tell us how that goes.

  alycion  |  19

There are many reasons to be tired that aren't always someone's fault. New baby or pet. Working multiple jobs or working and going to school full time. Noisy neighbors and housemates. Being sick. The list goes on. When I worked in tv I use to get turn over shifts. Off at midnight back on in three and a half hours.


The idea that OP should have walked around or gotten coffee is valid though. I don't know that they deserved it from not having enough sleep, but they definitely did deserve it from making choices that allowed the tiredness to make them fall asleep!

  QueenSaru  |  19

@36 Exactly. I often run on less than two hours of sleep a night due to chronic pain, so I know if I have to be somewhere I do NOT sit down, or I'll likely pass out at the most inopportune time. If OP was tired, sitting in a (possibly) warm car was probably the worst idea ever.

By  kyleekay  |  36

Silly OP, you're supposed to sleep BEFORE you arrive at work. ;) Seriously though, that's too bad. Either your boss is super strict, or you have screwed up before. I wish you luck in finding a new job!

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