By probablyfired - 25/7/2019 02:01
Today, I was running late for work. I was trying to find my car keys, then realized I'd left them in my boyfriend's car. My phone charger was locked in my car, and my phone was dead. I couldn’t get hold of my boss and explain what had happened. I’m fired, aren’t I? FML
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  LostSoul  |  19

I have 1in each vehicle. 1 in the bedroom. 1 in my candle room,1 in my craft room, 1 in the kitchen, husband has one in his mancave, and we have extra chargers in a box.

By  ViviMage  |  38

This is why you always carry a lipstick charging brick!

By  i8cake  |  12

depending on the type of work and whether you can take PTO, I would consider that! also, are you not able to send an email? you having a single charger is problematic!

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Hey.. It sounds to me as though you have ADHD. I have that and this sounds like a typical day for me. You. really should read up about it and see a professional and maybe get some medication.

Having said that, a power bank or two really helps. Good luck!

By  drego5  |  28

This is why you should always have spares. Spare keys to your car, spare phone chargers.. I mean, they sell them at Dollar Tree, for crying out loud.. $2 is not an extreme expenditure to guarantee you have a working phone.