By Anonymous - 24/05/2011 03:19 - Canada

Today, my boss contacted me to come in for a quick meeting. I drove 30 minutes to get to work only to find out she was firing me and wanted my key card back. FML
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yay for people who dont explain crap

Firing someone on the phone is just to harsh :P


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yay for people who dont explain crap

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Your picture just makes the comment so much better.

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I went through something similar. It was dreadful! The only difference is that I had also made sure to pack all his personal belongings in a garbage bag and made the janitor hand it to him.

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50 is that Kid Rock? Anyways so sue her ass and look on the bright side atleast now you get to go home and do what you want lol

I had a similar situation years ago. Had worked six days straight and was looking forward to a lie in when I received a call at 7am to request that I cover someones shift. When I finished and was going home the boss told me I was no longer needed. Prick. FYL OP.

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35 ydi for being a 25 year old dude with the user name DoggieLover, only insinuating his belongings were trash and not just throwing them out, and trying to jack this guy's fml with your worthless story. I feel bad for OP but you sir get no sympathy from this commenter right here. I hope your dog dies. Cockstar.

Seems like you've been through something similar. I touched a sensitive issue and thus brought your insecurities out and you're denying and refusing to accept it through being angry. It's only natural.

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51 idk i just found it and it looked funny (p.s. captions read "kidnapper? i prefer the term surprise adoptionist!")

#35 you seem like a very annoying person. #54 I'll give you credit for big words for someone as dumb as you. Clearly, you didn't even understand what 35 was saying so your reply, no matter how long it took you to write, is irrelevant. But this isn't your first nerd-rage phase here in FML, is it, mr. "Commenter?" Oh, judging by your profile, all you do is comment. Why not go swallow a knife, or find a well and jump into it? Because nobody gives a rats ass what you have to 'comment.' Proved much? Go finish college, please... or be nice.

#53 you deserve a published fml.... FYL for getting fired on hardworked "day off"

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maybe you slept with her husband

you say that as if she wouldn't know if she slept with her husband or not. It's as if you think she woke up one morning with her ass hurting but just had no idea what happened. ... which I guess has happened to people before

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That's a very random assumption.

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which one??? I can see why you might be disturbed by all of the above

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Firing someone on the phone is just to harsh :P

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Exactly! If she had fired OP over the phone, they would've written an FML too. So I guess FYL either way?

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When I need to fire someone I usually just pay a skywriter to fly over their house or a singing telegram quartet.

I would like to know you more. text me back.

Agree, I would have given the key card back and than keyed her car on the way out.

i would have been pissed gas prices are way to high to be losing a job!

Yes cause she could not wait till the next day you work to fire you?

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well I guess it was a quick meeting! I hope she gave you your paycheck!

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I would have told her that she owes you gas money for having you come in to get fired!

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13yearoldboy 0

5 already said like a boss. except he spelled baus the baus way

so go down to work and put a firecracker inside the fuse box every day