By sober - / Tuesday 10 July 2012 03:40 / United States - Hillsborough
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  evilplatypus  |  37

I think it's more fun to be sober; you get to laugh at all the dumbasses as they embarrass themselves by underestimating how drunk they are AND you'll actually remember it in the morning.

  evilplatypus  |  37

Straight edge to me says "I don't know how to do things in moderation, so I just won't do anything."
It's significantly more impressive to try something and then quit than it is to simply never do something.

  jordngerardot  |  1

That's retarded. Nobody is trying to impress anybody. It's not a talent show. Alcoholism is a serious problem. So because someone is afraid to slip down a slippery slop, does not mean it is a bad idea to not try it at all. It's safe and if people can enjoy life without it then they should by all means stay alcohol free.

  jweezy89  |  4

Not as good? Being high is better! No nasty hangover, usually doesn't end in a vomit pool, and it won't become physically addictive. Yes it can be addictive mentally, but so can any action that you derive joy from. (this comment was posted with marijuana in mind for those examples)

  Snazzy_Snaz  |  17

When ur drunk you end up vomiting and having a shitty hangover. You have no idea whats happening. When ur high, ur in a magical wonderland filled with unicorns shitting rainbows and crazy shit.

  efemel94  |  7

Drinking top tips: eat a metric fuck tonne before hand (dominoes large pepperoni is ideal). Pace yourself (you don't drink all at the beginning or all at the end, but just throughout the evening). Stick to one staple drink (e.g cider or beer) and one form of shot as mixing with almost certainly get messy. When you get home drink a load of water (helps stop the hangover) and eat a fuck load of crisps/bread or anything absorbent. With these top tips you should be chunder/hangover free!

  MDTeddy  |  13

Nobody should drink, but the weird people do apparently thinking it is cool. If you switch it with a soda then it isn't cool. You know you are weird if you are one of the loud people who make noise hanging on a balcony holding what most likely is a 3rd cup of alcohol. I am glad I don't drink and hang out with friends like that. Op made a good choice to stay sober.