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By  rotflqtms_  |  18

If you have proof (you were in front of a camera or someone saw you stocking shelves) I'd gather proof and show them. I'd also ask for proof of me sleeping.

By  Tom Irvine  |  6

I would get that checked out. sounds like you are narcoleptic. you can get them to reverse the firing or atleast change that to laid off due to inability to perform the duties because of health related issues which makes getting your next job a million times better. next job calls your previous employment and the boss says you were sleeping on the job. the next guy won't hire you. and if you are narcoleptic, there is treatments and whatnot to help with that. however they may pull your license if they believe it bad enough. however id rather not have a license and not be killed trying to drive. my buddy was narcoleptic. his driving was a little nerve racking sometimes.

By  Guillaume Deschênes  |  7

you sure you did not just pass out and your boss is trying to be a dick?