By Anonymous - 28/07/2009 01:20 - United States

Today, I was sitting in a coffee shop when the weird guy who had been pacing the store talking to himself approached our table. He looked at me, and in all seriousness, said, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your butt crack is showing." FML
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AssOf2009 0

lmao, maybe he was debating with himself as to whether or not he should tell you your crack was showing!

Imawhalerider 0

"hey man don't get all cracked up"


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hellokittywhore 0

^^ WIN!!! lol man that guy would have cracked me up!!! xD

AssOf2009 0

lmao, maybe he was debating with himself as to whether or not he should tell you your crack was showing!

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new york girl..... she was properly doing it on purpose

Thank you I did not realize that until now.

slayerdme 0

Sucks for you.. and others.. But don't worry, you will probably not be remembered by anyone as such.

Imawhalerider 0

"hey man don't get all cracked up"

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hahahahahaha. dude, I LMAO at your comment.

trilingualotaku 0

as #2 said: maybe he was tossing up different ways of breaking the news to you. like his first idea was 'learn to jean' but he kept thinking of how to word it nicely... and with much better grammar than that D:

thane321 0

when you said "tossing up" i read that differently lol. but that was one of the most funny ways i've heard of saying "your crack is showing" another good one is "i wonder what would happen if i put money in that slot"

Never again #4. And OP, might want to wear longer shirts or something...


Gah, I hate that too. Younger woman have the choice between jeans that show the coin-slot or those RIDICULOUS looking high-wasted things... It's not the end of the world, start layering with a longer shirt when you wear those jeans again :P

blkwhtrbbt 0

the coin slot!?? O.o

You think it makes you look sexy to wear tight jeans halfway down your butt with no underwear, or just a thong. YDI for being retarded. Either that, or you just fail at wearing pants, in which case, you're still retarded.

If OP is a young girl with a curvy body, you should see the pants choices = It's REALLY difficult for really curvy girls..And often when you sit down, shit happens. Even if your not curvy...IT HAPPENS, No biggie. it doesn't mean she was trying to look sexy or some crap.

um yeah its not that hard. everyone knows that jeans ride down when you bend over or should take that into account and wear a longer shirt. ydi.

curryndricegirll 0

even with a really long shirt it happens. the only way to avoid that is to have a shirt to the point where you're sitting on it...or wear granny panties so at least it's your underwear and not your butt crack

fortunecookie_fml 0

this was a horrible fml. in case you were wondering.

Eugh butt crack. YDI.