By Nicole - 20/02/2012 01:14 - United States

Today, while in Walmart, I noticed an old man who had been following me for about five minutes. I politely pulled over with my cart and smiled at him so he could pass. He then said with a creepy smile, "So it's your turn to stare at my butt now?" It's the most attention I've gotten in weeks. FML
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That's hilarious! If an old guy said that to me, I would probably be laughing too hard to be creeped out. But hey, take it as a compliment that you have a nice butt.


I suppose it could be.. if you're into that kind of stuff...

Tookie: I knew you weren't being serious ;) I must be pathetic/a freak because even I've gotten an ego boost off a creepers comment. *shrugs shoulders*

MickGold 8

17: Nah, you're just female. Us girls like attention... It happens:)

I would like this comment except for the fact that it already has 69 likes ;)

Most attention in weeks? For some people it's years...

That's hilarious! If an old guy said that to me, I would probably be laughing too hard to be creeped out. But hey, take it as a compliment that you have a nice butt.

So2011 4

The things that happen at Walmart. Makes me not wanna be anywhere close to there when night comes.

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Walmart is a scary place. If you don't believe go to and face the horrors.

Momma said you can tell alot about a person by their shoes

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Hehe xD life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get :P

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Wow how about u stop being a bitch??? Yea??? Sounds good

How is that being a bitch? Why don't you hop off you crazy ass hoe? Damn

We got a girl fight! Grab the whip! *whistles*

Lol please, she's just a 14 year old girl who thinks she's tough by starting shit without even knowing what she's talking about. :)

NagatoPain 4

Its already over!? :/ Kimmi Wins!! Thumbs up!......or thumbs down.........

I'll take a thumbs up :) I wasn't really expecting a reply, it's probably way past her bedtime.

Kay I think you are Startin to be a bitch I mean dissing a 14 year old...props for the real skill there.

I have every right when she comes down my throat so you all can get over itttt

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Starting a fight on FML? JUST stop being ugly!

Haha comes down your throat haha Sometimes it's fun to be immature hahaha and whats to get over? I mean bitch please shut up

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Well at least you have an attractive butt.

Then I can visit Walmart. So many stories happen there! *Phone didn't send all the comment* :|

xxCandyKissxx 1

You don't wanna visit here!! It's soooo boring! :(

skyeyez9 24

Some of the walmarts are nice. They do have alot of stuff. Me and a group of friends stopped by a Walmart on our way to a ski resort to buy drinks and snacks. It was very clean and didn't have "Walmart people." It was mostly tourists going to the ski resorts.

Wicked361 8

I once put a walkie talkie behind a barbie in the toys isle and whispered,when a kid looked at it, 'I know where you live and I'm coming for youuuu'

Hey when you do visit look me up I will take you to Walmart

I advise against it. Come to Canada's walmarts, we'll be polite while we're creeping you out :D

Yikes OP that sounds like a creepy moment! Only way it could of been worse is if it was a weird old guy!

The OP said it was an old guy, mr. Ronald McDonald.

iseyixes 18

I'm guessing that since he added, "weird", it's what he meant by worse.

I meant it could of been more awkward if the old guy LOOKS obviously WEIRD like with a scary looking BEARD. lol

It's self explanatory, no sane human would say such a thing. But then again it's Walmart, so anything is bound to happen. That's just a given that he's weird, and the OP said he was old.

iseyixes 18

Lol oops must've added at the same time you did McDonald!

Hmm #26 that's true I have seen odd people at walmart occasionally

They have a whole website dedicated to the slobs that go to walmart, so I guess that makes it understandable ._.

Oops I'm so sorry I meant #24 I just got done doing a 9 hour shift so i'm hella tired.

I work at McDonald's too, so I know how tiring that place can be.

now, what the hell's wrong with Walmart? except for the fact that the autocorrect on my android doesn't always know some basic words yet it knew Walmart and in fact capitalized it, wally world is a good place to shop. better prices on some things, and there's always weird people to provide you with hours of entertaining people watching.

The Walmarts nearest me are frequented by white trash, ghettoites, and society's outcasts. Not to mention the store itself is evil.

iseyixes 18

I would've laughed it off and said "only if you shake it!"

Lol he probably woulda and then invited you over for a cuppa tea :P

bettyc4 26

Take it as a compliment...a creepy compliment XD