By RupeeLink - 27/07/2009 23:33 - United Kingdom

Today, to cheer my girlfriend up after her mother died a week ago, I took her to a comedy club. The comedian's theme for the night happened to be mother-daughter relationships. FML
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A week is way too soon. She might forgive you for the comedian, but she may not forgive the not-too-subtle hint to cheer the **** up, already.


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That's usually not possible for most shows. OP: don't worry, it's an honest mistake. To bad your gf had to go through that.

You probably should've walked out or something? Rather than make her sit through it -.-

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He didn't actually say they sat through the whole thing it's possible they walked out.

I agree with 49, people on this app are so quick to jump to conclusions when they don't know a damn thing.

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While the gesture was sweet, her mother died a freaking WEEK ago. You really think a comedy club was appropriate, no matter what the topic? That's like hiring a clown as wake entertainment. You don't deserve it, because you were trying to help, but you might have thought this one over a bit better. Maybe dinner and a movie might have been more fitting.

Yeah, who would have ever thought someone needed to LAUGH when they're SAD? You're kind of retarded.


Maybe the girl enjoys going to comedy clubs? I mean, it's not insensitive, it's a date and it's just like anything else. Some people WANT to get a laugh instead of mourning. He was just trying to take her mind off things. Unfortunately, it didn't go as well as planned

#5 He was doing a nice thing. At least he waited a week before, and wouldn't you want some one who is willing to cheer yo up. Very unfortunate for the topic

Hey, if my family don't have a comedian or magician or at least a clown at my funeral, I am so haunting those ungrateful bastards.

Totally agree, #5. Maybe if it was like a month or something... But geez man, pretty fail.

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I TOTALLY am with you on that one #17. I want ******* dane cook at my funeral!

You all have no taste. Dane Cook is a terrible comedian. If Dane Cook showed up at my funeral I'd want him buried alive with me. In cement. You know, just to make sure he's gone for good. And I'd want Carlos Mencia being the cement truck operator. Carlos Mencia would then be promptly assassinated after performing his cement truck/Dane Cook killing duties.

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And 8, it's so incredibly cool how you can insult people online. Since you don't know me at all and I've said nothing rude to you. I'll take a note from your book and go ahead and call you a dick and a moron, though, since you're being one. 9 and 10, it wasn't that I was saying a comedy club was bad, just a little soon. I did say, though, that it wasn't his fault because he was trying to help. I just thought a week seemed REALLY early for comedy. I mostly feel really bad for the girl, but also bad for the boy who was trying to make her feel better and totally missed the mark. :(

Laughter is a great remedy for many things. I don't think it was too soon, i think it was an ok time to try. He might have been spending a lot of time with her recently in the past week, especially since her mother died. People tend to need to latch onto somebody else when a person close to them dies.

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Yeah its ok, mother-daughter relationships are a joke anyway, you dont have to be that sad.

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dude... that really bites... i guess it's just bad timing. i'm guessing she won't like comedians again for a while though :S

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omg im so sorry :(. you can probably cheer her up in other ways

Geez I'm sorry your mum died, would you like me to feel you up to try and make you feel better? Yeah, I'm sure she'd be thrilled about that #12 lol

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Aww, that is so sad. At least you tried, I'm sure she understands...

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My grandpa died almost 2 weeks ago. MAN I MISS HIM... ={ Sorry that had to happen. At least you tried.

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sorry for your loss... ive experienced it more than three times in my sixteen years

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YDI for taking her to a comedy club. Next time take her to the kitchen.