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Today, I was at the airport and I offered to help an elderly man carry his golf clubs. Apparently, I sounded sarcastic and condescending, because he started screaming at me about etiquette and manners in front of the entire airport. FML
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THAT WAS THE AIRPORT. Wow nice guess!

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Wow, this sounds rough. You tried going about it the fair way, and at least you had the balls to help him and didn't club him when he yelled at you. I think you wood agree that it's always best to hole your tongue, of course, when you get trapped in this kind of situation. Hopefully you ironed things out and can putt this whole thing behind you.


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Old people should not be flying if they hit a bump they'll think WWII is going on again.

Not necessarily. More so if they have Alzheimer's.

Mold people mistake springs?!? What?!? You're making no sense speak up

In case you're a lady: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

In case you're like 2: Sporting Challenges Require Equality Whatever Your Order, Understood?

I hope you realize that there are female pro and amateur golfers. I happen to love golfing with my dad.

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Why did he have golf clubs at an airport anyway?

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These new challenging golf courses require air transport between holes.... Or... he was traveling to someplace where he could golf.

I didn't realise golf clubs at an airport could be such an outlandish idea.

Obviously someone's never travelled before. Over-sized luggage, golf clubs and skis can be found on car-isle 31.

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Sorry, I've just never heard of/seen anybody doing that.

That sucks, but it's nice of u to try to help people. I'm sure next time the person will appreciate your help

Maybe if OP doesn't sound sarcastic and condescending next time..?

There's alot of mean rude people in this world, why do nice people get the rotten piece of the stick... I don't understand it... I'm just too nice of a human being to be rude or mean to a person especially if they done nothing but kindness from the heart!

Never. EVER. Touch a man's golf clubs.

If I was a man, I'd let people touch my club all the time.

Sure, letting them touch you club is fine. But not clubs. Those things be expensive.

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Your sentence structure FTW. :)

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Problem is, OP wasn't being sarcastic.

In a situation like this, it's best to just apologize and go on your way. You probably won't see any of these people again anyway. At least you tried to do the right thing.

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Is it best? Or.. is it best to make a scene and miss your flight as your escorted out of the airport by security because you will not be "pushed around" or "told off" by an older man.

Sounds like someone forgot to pack their 'shut the **** up' pills.

Well, I can only say two things. 1, it wasnt your fault OP. 2, at least he didnt hit you with the golf clubs?