Oh shit…

By half-dead in CA - 31/05/2014 16:39 - United States - San Francisco

Today, as I was standing in line at the checkout, the elderly guy in front turned around and said quietly to me, "Sometimes I shit my pants." He then nodded grimly and turned back around, hitting me with the full force of the stench now coming from his pants. FML
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The_Big_Boss 20

Old people say the darndest things

More like old people say the most "TMI" things.

Apparently, they sometimes do the darnest things.

They old, they stopped giving a shit on what people think long ago and started doing it literally.

Wizardo 33

And down his legs into a little pool.

If he knows he ***** his pants, why doesn't he wear an adult diaper?

sunnysideup25 7

If pooping your pants is cool, then consider me Miles Davis.

chelsearenaeee 16

I don't know whether he's awesome or creepy.

How is ******** your pants in public ever awesome?

rocker_chick23 27
chelsearenaeee 16

I meant because he's elderly, he probably couldn't help it. Elderly people are adorable. Awesome probably wasn't the right word to use.

You meant "adorable"? How is ******** your pants in public ever adorable?

I don't think he is awesome, creepy, or adorable. I work with the elderly for a living (I am a nursing assistant so I change a lot of diapers...) but this is super strange any way you look at it... Not exactly something someone wants to smell in a super market...

chelsearenaeee 16

Nevermind, I don't know what I was trying to do anymore. -_-

You had to be "that guy", didn't you?

There always has to be "that guy" they show up everywhere.

He gave you a fair warning there, OP. Heh...

Nickb55 16

The best part is that he can pull it off because he's old.

Why did he feel it was necessary to tell you that?!

Courtesy warning i assume. Like he knew it was going to happen, so he figured he should be polite and warn OP

Exactly. I feel bad for the old man. Could happen to anyone in our late years.

Incontinence can happen at any age. Not fun.

Lol he probably wears a diaper and just says that to piss people off

Incontinence is my biggest fear of growing old.

Boobs wouldn't worry me anywhere near as much as knowing I could lose control over my excretory system.

Incontinence and Alzheimer's. Wouldn't even remember you're incontinent.

Chaith 16

Seems like that was his round-about way of warning nearby people who will have to suffer. Probably hurts him more than the OP, sad FML.

I agree. Very sad. Poor guy probably was embarrassed and tried to offer OP a sort of apology thinking that everyone around him could tell he had an accident. This FML just made me feel bad for the old man.