An attempt was made

By bubblewrap - 20/10/2015 10:13 - United Kingdom - Swindon

Today, I noticed a guy checking out my ass in the mirror behind the bar where I work. He was cute, so I thought I'd put on a little show. I bent over to reach for something near the floor, which caused me to let rip a series of uncontrollable farts, like popping bubble wrap. He quickly left. FML
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I hate when I'm checking out a girl and they try to show off. Like really, if I'm checking you out and you notice and are into me, just talk to me


Hopefully he starts going to a different bar to spare both of you an awkward encounter

love is all about awkward encounters I mean who knows they might hit it off after all?!

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Is there a graduate level course?

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You should ask OP because she seems to have a PhD in it.

Oh, he got a show alright. I can feel how uncomfortable he was. Better luck next time, OP

I hate when I'm checking out a girl and they try to show off. Like really, if I'm checking you out and you notice and are into me, just talk to me

or maybe you just talk to her instead and not play games

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I think most peoples form of flirting is desperate eye contact and hoping the other person is braver than you are.

no one is going to talk to you with that profile pic

Ironically enough, I don't remember anyone asking you to make a comment. #35 was just stating their opinion which is allowed. You know, freedom of speech and all

#61, then why in the hell does the comments section exist?

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So by that logic, why would they have to take that step? Maybe they are not that into you but just like to put on a show. You won't know until you talk to them. You're the one looking first so saying you hate them for putting on a show is a bit strange don't you think?

And then there's girls like me who don't know how to put on a show. When I notice someone checking me out, I don't know what to do and I just hide because I'm awkward .__.

#91 I don't cheack girls out i awkwardly stare and then hide when they notice me.....:)

Well on the bright side, you probably won't see him again. Maybe next time a cute guy walks in, just talk to him. Butt it still sucks, I feel sorry for you OP!

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Little does everyone know, #6 actually didn't know how to use the correct form of "but" and can't let anyone know their secret. ~sarcasm~

welcomed him with trumpet fanfare, eh? dont sweat it OP...these things happen. sure you will find another cute guy in short order...

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You should have just talked to him he was already checking you out. At least you'll save the embarrassment from seeing him again.

You need some Bend and Snap advice from Elle Woods

Maybe he's gay, totally gay. (Gay and European, anyone?)

Why? She's already mastered the Bend and Pop technique, she just needs to find someone who can appreciate it.