By Abby_gummibear - / Saturday 19 March 2011 21:04 / United States
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  franniedottp  |  8

but then again, when people see 93's profile picture...
it's like the obsession with Taylor Lautner when he takes his shirt off. me, I'm immune to that 'cause I'm on SWIMTEAAAAAM! too many dudes with amazing six packs and stuff. blech...

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  23

1. You don't know that the OP is fat. To a four year old almost everyone is huge. The OP could just not be a stick figure.
2. You do realize that dancing is a form of exercise don't you? This means that even if the OP is a bit overweight she could be dancing the pounds away.
3. People are allowed to dance if they want to dance, regardless of weight.

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