By Abby_gummibear - 19/03/2011 21:04 - United States

Today, at the Mommy and Me dance class that I take my four year old daughter to, the instructor had us do a stretch, telling us to pretend we're mermaids. My daughter said to me, "But you're not a mermaid, you're a whale!" FML
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kids are so perceptive these days...

Aww, how cute!(:


kids are so perceptive these days...

her daughter=WIN!!!!!

m0tl3ycru3qwr 0

kids say the darnest things?

m0tl3ycru3 0

144-they just tell it how it is

Got_any_grapes1 4

Don't insult the whales, now.

Thanks! I'm part whale and I'm offended!

Prankster7o7 5


Aww, how cute!(:

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dude!) finaly someone other than me that uses a backwards smiley(:

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lol that's not cute! she called her mom a whale lmao

angiedancesalott 8

yourrr cutee(:



imrpowers 2

So what if you're a bit "plump"!

do you race motocross or is that just a bs pic from google?

cradle6 13

You can dirt bike ride without racing. But it's a lot of fun either way.

The fuck you care for?

haha!! that sucks! fyl

TayonaC 10

I like your name it's pretty and unique (at least to me) ^_^

haha well I got it from my boyfriend cause that's what he calls me :)

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it's pretty awful. kinda like your face

wow alright?

dont be mean to my new friend ya dick

im pretty sure shes not into 14 yr olds.

mintcar 9

It's always the ones without the picture who wants to talk shit. STFU!

im nearly 15 actually :I

mintcar 9


alright calm down he's just being nice :) btw thanks :)

Wow what the heck! She's pretty!

some people are goid at making akward moments...

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bparker just hate himself so he takes it out on pretty people

persianjr1 7

I believe all women are beautiful. truthfully, I don't give a shit about what a person looks like.

Well that's good:) Looks aren't everything

but then again, when people see 93's profile picture... it's like the obsession with Taylor Lautner when he takes his shirt off. me, I'm immune to that 'cause I'm on SWIMTEAAAAAM! too many dudes with amazing six packs and stuff. blech...

haha I totally agree with 100

persianjr1 7

umm... thanks?

TayonaC 10

well then I guess she's a whale too if you are didn't think about that did she. jk

lol thats kinda cute

aKid_namedIZ 1

LMFAO why are you in a dance class if your fat

1. You don't know that the OP is fat. To a four year old almost everyone is huge. The OP could just not be a stick figure. 2. You do realize that dancing is a form of exercise don't you? This means that even if the OP is a bit overweight she could be dancing the pounds away. 3. People are allowed to dance if they want to dance, regardless of weight.

20- agreed. 30-awesome pic, hahaha I love it!

#9 haha how is that cute? she called her fat! lol

I wish someone would call me fat!

uh your fat? hah there ya go! :)

hahaha nice ;)

you act just like my girlfriend(:

uh-ob! I can just hear the wedding bells ringing!!!

haha duh I'm taken ;)

To a 4 year old, everyone's big.