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Today, I was sitting in a bar telling some young dude to accept responsibility for his life choices. I'm over 50 and was spending my last five dollars on beer. FML
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Yeah, I don't think you should be doling out life advice…

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Nobody said he was an alcoholic assuming you were referring to him having a beer

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If you spend your last 5 dollars on a beer, I don't think it's too rash of a conclusion.

With only $5 there's not too much left to spend it on but a meal. If you're over 50 and only have $5 to your name, you're better off forgetting about it all rather than being a little less hungry.

Yeah, I don't think you should be doling out life advice…

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If he was using himself as a failed example it would have been okay. Best way to learn is someone else's mistakes

I think everyone at some point tells someone not to do something, then goes off and does that something. It's hypocritical but we all do it. I usually end up saying " I'm a terrible example at what should be done but you should do better." Shit happens.

"Do as I say, not as I do." -Countless hypocrites everywhere

I find it interesting people are hard on him when there was a recent FML of the persons big brother hitting him for accepting a cigarette despite how the brother was a chain smoker and alcoholic all were very hard on the op and kinda praising the brother.

I think he meant it more in the sence that the other one should not end up in the same way. OP may be addicted in which case FYL OP. Still though, you dont nust end up in such a state overnight by accident so YDI.

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Maybe you should heed your own advice.

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He is telling the other person to own up so the guy doesn't end up like him.

and thats how you die old and alone kids

Yeah I don't think financial advice is something you should be giving out. Save the five

Unless the young person lost big in the stock market or Vegas, I doubt he was giving financial advice.

It seems like a lot of people who are really good at giving advice aren't really good at listening to them :P

Kind of like how a lot of marriage counselors are divorced.

Because you learn from experiences, you live and you learn, and you can pass that knowledge onto others even if it's too late for you.