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By anonymous - 29/06/2010 02:21 - United States

Today, a cute thirty-ish chick walked into the bar I work in. I asked her for her license to make her feel young. She didn't have her license on her and started yelling about how stupid it was to even ask, when she obviously was old enough to drink. She then got up and left. FML
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you'll never see yer again so don't worry about it

She probably doesn't want you to know her age, much like every woman on this planet. FYL and YKDI


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OP, how are you try to make somebody feel young!! Shame on you.

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Ok? She should have brought her ID.

This isn't an FML. You found out she was a crazy bitch before you got involved. And who knows maybe she's just a 15 year old who smokes and tans too much.

Well atleast she left, she can't eff up your night anymore. Brush it off playa, just brush it off. :)

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"Act your age, mama. Not your shoe size, maybe we could do the twirl" sorry #28 I was listening to Prince earlier and your comment reminded me of that :P

her FML Today, a lot of bad shit happened to me so I went to the bar to drink out my sorrows, the idiot bartender decided to doubt my 34 years of existence and asked me for ID. FML

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ok u were doing ur job. I know Americans are supposed to be carded if they look under 40. this isn't an fml to u. u did ur job

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56 Thanks Nena! Now I have that damn song stuck in my Op who cares- by law, people HAVE to carry ID on them. Me bartending, I card people all the time and expect my employees too also. I also get IDed myself and I've been legal for.....

isn't manditory to take your licence with you everywhere ? if not , then I guess that's only the case here...

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in soviet Russia, the same thing woulda happened

ID 24/7 by law? ehhh... I'm sensing people being forced to wear yellow stars coming up...

um by law u must check ID if they look under 30 years old. otherwise u get ******.

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That's what you get for trying to make an old drink bitch feel young:S

this is not an fml, its against the law to not ask for id when buying alcohol... i want an "I DONT GIVE A SHIT" button

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3 I think I saw u before!!!

not your fault op, just another dumbass girl

#9 people are required to bring their id to a bar.

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My friend does this all the time at the restaurant he waits at. Gets him wayyy better tips from the ladies. (:

I don't think this is an FML op, because she is obviously bat shit crazy.

99, under thirty is just cigarettes, at least in Maryland. they have to look even older to buy alcohol with no Id.

It's not mandatory to carry it everywhere, but generally speaking, you should keep it in your wallet / purse, which most people take....everywhere. *shrug*

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HAHAHAHA! Yea, fYl! hahahahahaha!

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@9, women are so confusing, you won't reveal your age because you think it makes you seem too old, but when we try to make you feel young because you always complain about aging you say we're stupid.

maybe you don't wanna get involved with a bipolar bitch anyway..

you'll never see yer again so don't worry about it

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#5 - Exactly! He buys his own vodka, and the money goes back into his own pockets. :P Courtesy of - Aziz Ansari.

Aziz! yeii, that dude is the bomb. He is effin funny!

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Right?! Finally I find someone who agrees, lol. Aziz is mad funny, and seriously needs his own show.

The Aziz Ansari aka Raaaaaaaandy show. :)

human giant was hilarious. stupid, but funny

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I've only seen his stand up, and the work that he's done on Parks and Recreation. Still, pretty funny guy nonetheless. :]

aziz was on human giant. it was an amazing show. my favorite one was corn maze along with the illusionists

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Aziz is funny on parks cuz all he does is hit on women and then get bitch slapped! :) I liked his standup a lot too. :)

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I love him on parks are recreation! but he's funniest on human giant :) you should youtube it!

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denied by your own pickup line

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PMS!  look out dude cuz we get moody, one wrong move and BAM! you're dead. I know, we're monsters

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In the jungle, Chuck Norris is KIng

Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

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chuck Norris doesn't get to the point. he is the point. the point that stabs you in the eye, roundhouse kicks you in the face.

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Chuck Norris is your father, as well as mine.

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those who say "sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never hurt me" have obviously never been roundhouse kikcked by Chuck Norris with a dictionary strapped to his foot

22 only bitches use PMS as an excuse to act like cold snappy wenches.

The Boogeyman checks his closet for Chuck Norris before he goes to bed at night.

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it's a good thing too cuz she was obviously crazy. lol.

Have your periods then talk to us about excuses. We literally have no control over our hormones or they way they make us feel. I liken it to guys getting boners in the middle of class in high school :)

Chuck Norris can gargle peanut butter

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There is no chin underneath Chuck Norris's beard.... just another fist

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suck it up, you will meet other people.

She probably doesn't want you to know her age, much like every woman on this planet. FYL and YKDI

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Didnt think about that, that's probably part of it but she was still over-reacting

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or it's the law. here you have to card everyone, regardless of how old they look.

It happened to me several times. Don't sweat it. It's a law to have your ID on you at all times.

I have never heard of that law...ever. If that were true, you'd think they would do a better job of broadcasting it. OP, you dodged a bullet. Wave good-bye to the wacko and have a shot to celebrate your close call.

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imaginaryfoe, you know what? I do believe you may be correct. You need to have a driver's licence to drive but carrying ID may not be the law. It just makes good sence. I know they won't let people in a strip join with out ID no matter what your age.

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Some reason! thank you voice of reason! if your going to a bar, bring your license. Just in case you get a bartender who checks id on basically everyone.

it is however the law to card someone who appears to be in their thirties before selling them alcohol.

Silly you. You have to have some I.D. on you if you want to be able to drink or buy drinks. It doesn't have to be a license but it has to have your picture, name and D.O.B. Otherwise a whole bunch of 16-18 yr old canadians or 16-20 yr old americans would be buying it ilegally. @Writer you did the right thing IDing her. Too bad she wasn't flattered.

wait, wasn't this a previous FML? seen it today o.0

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Its her own damn fault. What kind of moron doesn't bring an ID to a bar?

Exactly. At the grocery store when I see someone purchasing liquor they still ID them. Even when the person looks 40 or 50.