By badbowel - 31/01/2018 13:00 - United States - Utica

Today, I was sick from both ends at work. My boss wouldn't let me go home, and told me to borrow a pair of spare pants to change into. I suffered another bout of gastroenteritis and shit someone else's pants. FML
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Just document what he said and get sick on your boss. Hr will side with you (:


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they said boss....... not boyfriend, moron......

It’s a continuation from the previous story. The previous story required the “I hope you mean EX-boyfriend” comment and this one requires the “Sounds like a shitty situation” comment. Why not jazz ‘em up?

I, for one, appreciate the joke, Mr. Pencil.

Just document what he said and get sick on your boss. Hr will side with you (:

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Throw those soiled pants on your boss' desk and stare at him with your hands crossed half naked.

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I am not sure what the rules are in the states, but from where I am from, a diagnosis like gastroenteritis means you cannot return to work until 48 hours after the vomiting and diarrhea has subsided. I have had gastro a few times before, so I understand your pain all too well. Like others have said, report it to HR (and occupational health if that exists in your workplace).

Did you get the pants laundered or hand them back as-is to show what a shit your boss is?

And this is why people shoot up their place of work!!