By Matt - 28/04/2012 18:28 - United Kingdom - London

Today, the novelty of shaving a heart into my pubic hair for my wife vanished, when I woke up to find a collection of scabs around my pubes. FML
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Men shave hearts into their pubes? What the ****?

WPQ14 15

They've got creams for that, you know. Ouch.


WPQ14 15

They've got creams for that, you know. Ouch.

Well, I think with the heart he was hoping to give HER some cream... If you know what I mean...

19 - I know what it means, but I want to hear YOU explain it.

spekledworf 18

I'll hrlp him out. MAKE SEXY TIME

1, you look like a walker from The Walking Dead. Side note: Darrel is the most awesome redneck, evaarrr!!

Ouch isn't even the word. Vomit is my immediate reaction.

#1 and #57, are you two related? I find the undead gene very sexy and fierce.

#1 - your icon.. what the actual ****?

WPQ14 15

Zombies are in this season, apparently.

I bet she was just amazed at how sweet you were to do that for her.. Yeah.. Right...

Yeah my thoughts exactly. Like gee thannkkks.

GoW_Chick 14

Hey at least he went through the trouble! some people don't even bother to do things for their significant other, and plus who doesn't like cute corky surprises like that, even though it didn't go completely as planned.

Corky? Did it autocorrect from some misspelling of quirky?

GoW_Chick 14

Yeah let's go with your assumption... Heh *smacks self in head with stupidity stick*

That's a little redundant. I think you've been beat with it already.

Ask your wife to "kiss" it and make it better

"Baby, will you please kiss my pube scabs better?" Not really appealing if you ask me.

It's not for her. it's to make him feel Better

thats going to be a beautiful scar one day OP

Men shave hearts into their pubes? What the ****?

I shave hearts in my ass hair... You will get "all" the ladies that way

Is this so surprising? Might as well say you don't know about shrinkage.

Precisely my reaction lmao. A heart on my boyfriends pubes wouldnt impress me :P

I agree. I think affection should be shown you know...not shaved into you. I really doubt thats like a sign of immense love.

I never knew men trimmed to the extent of shapes in their pubes. Seems a little odd to me.

It just seems a little too frilly for a guy. I guess I like a more rugged type.

MerrikBarbarian 9

All I can think is the lumber jack song now....

Matty1188 6

6 - I'm reading your comments in Kermit's voice.

OP's wife isn't exactly what you'd call, umm... what's the word. Oh yeah appreciative...

Uh, OP didn't say anything about his wife's appreciation.

Analysis, and implications my friend. Analysis, and implications...

You misspelled "making shit up", kid. Guy got scabs from poor shaving, nothing in there about the wife's appreciation, my little sexist friend.

GoW_Chick 14

Kids these days.. GET OFF MY LAWN!

People now think there's a hidden message behind everything these days

2cute4u_18 1

36, yo mamas so hairy she needs a weed wacker to trim her bush

Damn you 73, I was pretty sure everyone had forgotten about 'yo mama' jokes. Until now. >:(

Seeing a heart outta hair on my husband's junk wouldn't exactly be the sexiest thing ever.

Why call it "Junk"? To me that seems to devalue and insult it. :(

Lol. Says the drug using pony. But I agree, it must've looked like a crop circle