By "syd_the_kidd_9707" - 25/02/2019 00:00

Today, I went in my car to a very important job interview. I was out of gas, so I had to get some on the way. When i was done pumping, I went to get back in and the door handle broke off on the driver's side. Then I blew a tire on a piece of metal. Needless to say, I lost my chance. FML
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I think the signs are obvious... but ya, it's terribly unfortunate when the heavens conspire against you.


Gofuckyourself 24

Sounds like a lot of bad luck happening all at once. Sorry to hear OP!

I think the signs are obvious... but ya, it's terribly unfortunate when the heavens conspire against you.

I feel like they should give you a second chance if the reason you weren't able to make the interview was due to things that were out of your power. If they're unwilling to be understanding, you might not want to be working there anyways.

Jessepowers 9

reason you deserved it cause if this job interview was truly important you would of pmcs prevented maintenance services before hand cause obviously it gave you clues plus you suck at life haha

Look at this way... maybe God is trying to tell you something. Something is better than that job.

When you got the flat tire, couldn’t you call the company and explain your predicament?

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So you didn’t know about this interview the day before?

If you haven't, just give them a call. I've had interviews rescheduled due to things outside my control and they usually accommodate me.

Call and explain. Don't give up on the job. Read or listen to You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. When you're doing the right things, the universe does conspire against you, but don't give up. It means you're on the right path.

YDI. If the job interview was this important to you, then you would have made sure to have enough gas before actually needing to go. You would have a "plan B" in the works in case shit happens. You would have gone early enough to avoid any kind of delays that might also happen (like crashes/blocked traffic) etc. You weren't serious about this "important job interview" and you're not just reaping your own rewards and trying to blame this on external factors. Blaming everything except for YOURSELF in this scenario is idiotic. YDI. And 781 people thus far sympathizing with you are all probably blithering idiots who blames everything except their selfish entitled asses for what goes wrong in their lives.

Shit happens. You can do all the preparation in the world, and things could still go wrong. It’s not being “entitled.”