By jjjjjjmmmmm92 - United States
Today, I was at work, when a co-worker began to shake a near empty box. Without thinking, I shouted "What if there was a baby in there? You just killed it!" I then remembered she recently suffered a miscarriage. FML
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  Chrisskiies  |  0

Says the douche with no pic, and 420 in their sn. Damn potheads need to stop wasting peoples time.
Go sneak a toke, rip a bong, light up an apple, roll some blunts. :)

  HeroOfMi  |  0

OP really isn't a dick, I'm sure most people have done something like this.

OP - FYL a little because you have to feel like an ass but mainly F the other person's life for the bad memories. I knew a person that lost her child..she was devastated.

  st0n333d  |  0

What should have happend as soon as the comment was replyed to... I would have denied ever mentioning a baby and said I was just quoteing JT's SNL skit Dick In A Box. :)

  starile  |  19

There are actually tons of dead baby jokes. Ideally, one would get past it in middle school, but you still hear the occasional drunken college co-ed crack one out and think it's hilarious.


I think it's funny how everbody corrects everybody elses spelling on here. I seriously doubt people are going to look at this and say "Oh, you spell butthole that way!" and next time spell it correctly. I say this as someone who hates misspelled words. it's just a waste of time.

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

tell her the following joke to cheer her up:

The young mother-to-be struggled with her labor pains. "PUSH!" Encouraged the doctor and the nurses. She struggled for 4 hours with the pains and the pushing, until finally the baby came out into the doctor's hands. He snipped the umbilical cord, cradled the baby in his hands, then slammed its head on the nearby table, swung it by its feet into the wall, and then punted it out the window! "SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BABY?!" yelled the new mother. The doctor replied, "Oh, I'm just fucking with you. It was already dead when it came out!"

  Jimboom  |  11

Lame attempt at funny and you got the joke wrong...
A mother goes to see her baby in the newborn section. She waits behind the glass as the nurse goes over to his cot. She picks up the baby and starts to carry it over and then she drops it, the mother goes wide eyed when the nurse picks up her baby and slaps it around to get the dirt off. She then tosses the baby to the mother while shouting "APRIL FOOLS, he was a Stillborn!!"

Still OP, congrats on making that woman hate you for the rest of your life. I hope for your sake she never becomes your boss.