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Today, I gave a beautiful book of baby names to a friend of mine who's been trying to get pregnant for a while. She just burst into tears when she saw it. Just before meeting me, she'd found out she was sterile. FML
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FYL. No way you could have seen that coming

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that's so sad. but it's not your fault, you didn't know


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that's so sad. but it's not your fault, you didn't know

WTF is her problem? Just cuz she is sterile she can't adopt and then use the book then? However, she JUST found out that she was sterile, so that does impact the whole thing a lot. If this were like months later or something I would agree with #2 but since it just happened i don't. She can still use the book though, so you aren't a terrible friend OP

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how would she use a book? I'm pretty sure you don't rename adopted children.

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you are a real douche-bag. and this isnt even the first time ive thought this. ive read your other comments and they are just as douche-baggy.

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@ 27: There's a difference between adopting someone else's kid and having your own. With having your own, there's the feeling that you helped create something out of nothing that will one day create something of its own. I, for one, would be completely devastated if I found out that I was sterile. There's the emotional attachment that comes from physically creating a baby. I'm not saying that adoption is a bad thing and that it shouldn't be done, but it's the only option she has left now. Plus...there's the awkwardness of explaining to your child about the fact that they were, indeed, adopted.

Adoption is better than conception anyway. We need to take care of the people we have, not make more of them.

Coz everyone can afford to adopt.... You don't give someone baby gifts if they're not pregnant

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yes, but she was trying to get pregnant. She was only trying to be thoughtful.

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adopted kids can be renamed... my bro was adopted and my parents changed his name

FYL. No way you could have seen that coming

It is the OP's fault. Her friend wasn't even pregnant yet!

sterility doesn't make it impossible. artificial is always an option!!!

Pray for her. My teacher was also thought to be sterile but in the end it worked out.

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Aw, that is unfortunate, but maybe she'll consider IVF if it's possible or adopting. There are so many kids out there that could benefit so much from being adopted by a loving parent.

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ur parents wanted a baby too.....until it turned to be u xD

really..... you're really gonna troll on an FML about someine being sterile.........? cuz beings sterike is a horrible thing. I hope you become sterile yourself so no more idiots like you can reproduce.

So sorry about that. You had no way of knowing, but you should've waited until she was actually pregnant to gift her the book. Hope you also gave her a shoulder to cry on as well. You can also use the book to name pets, tell her that. A lot of people give their pets human names.

Aww:/ well, there's always adopting! Don't blame yourself, though. You didn't know, it wasn't something you could control.