By no touching - 06/03/2015 14:03 - Australia - Blacktown

Today, at a music festival, some douche unzipped the back of my skirt, exposing my Ninja Turtle undies to everyone before running off. FML
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Rock those undies, girl! Good will always prevail.

JMichael 25

OP sounds like an awesome person

This is so not an FML! Cool pants OP!

Turtle pants are cool, this is not a moment to be embarrassed about..... **** the guy's life, he's made you an FML hero.

FML hero because debase sexually harassed? Like, "oh let's breeze on past the sexual assault, and focus on her panties she didn't choose to share."

My bad! I forgot that this was a police station and not a place where OPs came to share what they considered to be humorous stories with us!

Say it with me..."humor". Now live it, love it, be fun!

Octwo 16

49, It's not sexual assault if he didn't grope or touch her sexually. It's sexual harassment. The guy is a douche nozzle and deserves to be punished but calm the **** down.

Rude and barely assault, but calling it sexual is a bit offensive to real victims of sexual assault.

Touching someone's ass without consent? Exposing someone's underwear without consent? That is definitely sexual and definitely harassment. It could even be assault (the act of creating apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact with a person).

Naith 14

Well let's hope there wasn't a shitty situation

This isn't the time or the place to be saying that...heck, there is NEVER a time or place to be saying that on this website.

fishtitties 12

You guys need to chill. I thought his comment was pretty funny

uglyheadedbitch 20

I see london, I see France, I see ninja turtle under pants!!

If you see France, and the Ninja Turtles are involved, I guess that means Ninjas in Paris.

Daelynn_17 19

#33 hahaha love the Kanye and JayZ reference... at least, I think it was lol. either way, good one.

VERY COOL UNDIES, YOU ROCK!!!! I hope you had the time of your life....

Wait, original ninja turtles or that junky Michael Bay version?

03stroker03 13

I sure hope not the new ones. They suck

Kick his ass while humming everybody was Kung fu fighting or the tmnt theme song

That's ******* amazing, but where did it say it was a guy?

If they did it & ran off, she might not have had any idea who it was.

I am assuming because well I don't have a very good reason but it very well could have been a girl