By Upside-Down Sleeper. - 02/05/2015 21:59 - United States - Pasadena

Today, I went to the yearly town carnival with my friends. I hadn't slept well the night before and when I got onto the scariest ride, I somehow fell half asleep. I woke up upside down and ended up peeing myself in terror. FML
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It was the clown in the ride wasn't it? They exist only to terrorize innocents.

Quit clowning around Welshite, obviously it was the prices of carnival food that horrified OP

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OP must have hawkeyes to see the prices from all the way up the roller coaster.

The owner must be really pissed off by how boring his ride is, for people to fall asleep on it.

She pissed herself because of how scary it was to wake up to that, she fell asleep because of the lack of sleep

I think OP fell asleep either before the ride was about to start or during the slow incline many scary rides have

I think she was probably more scared of waking up upside down than the actual content of the rise...was probably still scary though.

That must be imbarising. Feel bad for you op

Yeah, you definitely weren't being nitpicky here. I'm hoping English is your secondary language, friend.

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I am torn between feeling sorry for you and laughing my ass off x3

you pissed on yrself? You did say you were upside down.

Don't worry, this will be a perfect way to train to be a bat. Anyways people get spooked on rides all the time. You're not alone. :)

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Another FML to OP, gotta clean up the piss off their pants

Wait...if you were upside down when you peed yourself....

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I'm sorry but that's funny as hell