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Today, I was having a funny conversation with a guy I had met on Xbox. I told him the state I lived in, and he said, "Don't tell me that, I might stalk you." He wasn't kidding. He has somehow found out my phone number, and my address. He says he's going to send me flowers. FML
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Holy shit. I didn't think this would actually get posted! Well, I'm happy after all of the FML's I've posted over the years, this one got chosen

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Someone obviously doesn't take online privacy settings very seriously. YDI


UnprecendentedAw 0

Someone obviously doesn't take online privacy settings very seriously. YDI

chris71sk8r 8

Rule #1 of online gaming for girls - Never EVER tell anyone where you live. You don't know how easy it is to find out all your info with the click of a mouse.

chris71sk8r 8

Rule #1 of online gaming - Never EVER tell anyone what state you're from. You don't know how easy it is to find out your info with the click of a mouse. Or 6.

He got OP's number and address all from her state's name. Bravo, stalker.

Especially don't do this when you're a girl on the internet. Us gamers ate crazy, horny, and desperate. We also know how to work the internet way too well.

chris71sk8r 8

41- He can use more then her states name. Her name on Xbox would be on Microsofts website so just Googling the username grants him access to her profile and if she uses the username for other websites, he can find more info.

GraceMarieC 13

Only in our world is it okay to blame the person who told someone the state they're in and not the stalker. Oh yeah, tooootally her fault. -.- Tch.

44 - it was obviously an auto correct mistake. That and I'm on my phone at work on break. Cut me a bit of slack.

Marcella1016 31

Exactly, 48. He didn't find all that info out just from knowing her state he probably could've found all that info anyway, based on simple things like her IP address. Totally sucks for you, though, OP, that's REALLY creepy. Don't blame yourself, though. Just lock your doors O_O

I really hope you're not from Nebraska. Don't want another stalker.

Yo i have an xbox too. Just go on his profile and click block communications. He wont bother you on xbox but I dont know what to tell you about him stalking you. Hahahha YDI

This stalker isn't some super genius. Not only can he look up your username on google and get info, but sims using their computer to track his IP Address will tell his neighborhood and phone number.

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I find it kind of funny reading this comment, going to your profile and seeing you have the town you live in posted... >.>

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50 - my boyfriend is a gamer. He isn't crazy, horny, or desperate... Only most gamers are :P There are exceptions

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Damn! I messed up bad :/ Now I have to be a ninja and watch out fo stalkers! <.< >.>

84- he's not crazy, horny, or desperate because he has a girlfriend!

Says the person who advertises that he lives in Bronx, United States on his fml profile (along with his first name)......... Irony :P

raraisbang 12

84, some guys are still crazy, horny, and desperate even if they have girlfriends.

Well here at the F.B.I we have a special division that takes cases like this. It's actually a fairly serious crime.

I stopped playing xbox but the guys on there would go crazy of hearing my voice Lols it's like chill out like they never heard a girl talk before I found it quite entertaining! Especially talking to people other than Americans, all the different accents

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It is more likely that she used the same email for her Xbox as she did for a social network. Also with the integration of social media with gaming consoles these days it would be hard to locate someone . Sorry this happened OP . Its easy to forget thatWhen we plug into the Internet it is also plugged into us. Our hyper connected society provides a great resource, but it also brings with it a great risk

murphy22 6

I say YDI because to borrow previous words "only in this world" is it no longer safe to tell people what state you are in and smart people hide social profile info from anyone they do not know. Yes the stalker is wrong, creepy, and gross for hacking that far but come on, with how much media coverage there is on how stalkers or identity thieves can get our personal info for different reasons, you would think she would think maybe she should guard her information a little better. Like momma always said, don't give too much info to strangers.

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144- I tried taking it out earlier but I would have to replace it with something else. It won't delete. -.-

chris71sk8r 8

193- Nope. It's called common sense. I've also seen a video of someone do this to a guy that was threatening to hack his account because he was better then him in Halo so he told him his info just by Googling his gamer tag. The video was used for humor, not real stalking.

Octain 13

That happened to me once... Except in addition to phone number, he also found my email, and some pictures of me, which he kept on his PSP that he showed his friends and family. It took me several months to block that f*ck everywhere and finally get rid of him O_o" All from playstation home... I have never got back on. XD I'm paranoid now. And I didn't tell him anything really O_o" He just Looked at my profile and then somehow "found" the rest of the info -_-

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I'm a gamer and I'm not crazy, horny, or desperate. Giving gamers everywhere a bad name :/

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That's what I'm saying. If you say, "Hey, I'm from California." or something, and someone finds out your info, it's definately not your fault. All these uptight people.

1, Exactly. All it takes is a name, city or state, and Those three will get you literally all the info a stalker needs, except for the stalkees (is that even a word?) social security number.

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Yup. Move put of the country and change your name

Living in Nebraska should been excuse enough to move! I wish I could get a stalker, it's not that easy as op makes it sound! :P

Let's all send her flowers!! I'll post her address and phone number on here in a minute, then we can let her judge who sent her the most beautiful bouquet! :3

Wicked361 8

Do edible arrangements count?

Yeah. Before he sends an explosive *****. Or maybe he sent one already... That might explain the name...

Darn it I didn't even think of that! My bouquet just had a picture of my junk! That'll NEVER compete with chocolate covered strawberries! =(

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Is OP unhappy she is getting flowers? I can send her something else. How about a car. Or some jewelry.

The South lost get over yourself, stop ******* your cousin, go to school and then get a job (i know it sounds intimidating for anyone from the south) the moral of the story "the south shan't rise again

Or maybe a one way ride on the Wang Express.

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I think most are. Mine sent me Star Wars books lol, but I'm a geek. Would of been nice if it weren't so creepy :p

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Atleast you know your loved... Alittle to much...

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Im not sure whether you should be flattered or creeped out

At least you know you're grammar is terrible. A little too terrible.

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Didn't your mom teach you to NEVER give away any personal info? It's the unwritten girl code.

It's just an unwritten code. It doesn't apply to just girls.

Says Nicole from southern California.

Actually, this "code" is much more lax on guys. If we give it to a guy, chances are he wont be stalking us, if he has stalker potential, it would be used on a woman. And if we get a woman to wanna meet up, we might get laid.

Marcella1016 31

36 - LMFAOOOOOOOOO good point! All these YDIs when most of the people blaming OP have their cities and states listed in their profiles -_-

TheDrifter 23

But I want a stalker, they're always there when you need an alibi and they're faithful and loyal in a cult member sorta way. Let them into your house and they may even build a beautiful shrine to you out of hair from your brush.

Thursday737 7

your profile says your name, age, and location. you can't get any more potato.

You live in SoCal, US. Your birthdate is Feb 16th, which was a Friday, and you're 16 years old. Your instagram is imsurenobodyreally, and it shows your last name on your profile. As well as this your FML profile has your hobbies and your photo. What was that about not giving out personal details?

I think it's also a code not to give out too much of somebody else's personal info. Kinda ruins the game for stalkers.

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Coming from the girl that included her picture and location in her profile

cheetahbaby96 8

126- False. My birthday is not the 16th. The site screwed it up. Just pointing that out. And obviously, it was not a Friday. Besides, by saying "SoCal", that's not telling anyone where I live. If I lived in a small state, it'd be a little different. I only provided that with my profile because it makes me who I am. But, then again, I have had a lot of trouble with being stalked for years, and I guess you all are right. I do want to add that my stalkers have not been a problem on the Internet, but from everyday experiences. Thank you for telling me how ridiculously revealing my profile is, for I never thought of the gateways it provides straight to me and my personal information.

KiddNYC1O 20

165- The site screwed it up meaning you attempted to put your actual birth date. And just about anyone knows what/where SoCal is.

165 are you ******* serious? "my name is Nicole, I'm 16, and live in Southern California" You tell everyone exactly where you live. You also tell us all about your health issues and your family and your grades and your boyfriend and your instagram. TMI.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Oh your post is funny especially how your profile has your instagram which apparently displays your last name. What's even worse is you kept your profile the same. So much for that privacy.

Um. It does say southern california.,. Jus sayin ._.

An your giving your boyfriends name. Soo maybe we'll stalk him instead.

Oh boy. I guess at least he's a nice stalker, right? If you don't live in a state super close to him, I wouldn't be too worried just yet. But if he continues stalking you like this, I would probably notify authorities on Xbox (and if he goes TOO far, maybe the police). He is definitely invading your privacy.

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127 fmls posted #6?! You must have some crap luck wow

#90 ...Why the heck does everyone think they are all separate events that I submitted? Honestly, the FMLs I submitted were 5 or 6 different ones, just submitted multiple times in different wordings because I was bored. I don't have bad luck, I have a great life, but I get bored enough to submit FMLs multiple times.

"bored?" more like "using some of my free time to re-word the same situation multiple times in the hopes it'll get moderators attention so I can FINALLY see my username over a posted FML"

#109 Yes, bored. I submitted those FMLs over the time period of over 2 years, and during quite a few months of that time, I was unemployed. And yeah, it's cool to see one of your FMLs posted. What's so wrong about that?

Airman1988 9

116 I'm pretty sure there was nothing "sudden" about it

jessedarokkstarr 4

He knows where she lives. I'd freak out. How would you feel if some random person sends you flowers and all you gave them was your state?

yeanoshit 7

That's why I don't tell people where I live on the Internet....

A7X_LoVeee 10

Right? If asked I always give the wrong state. :D

it's okay, you could always just tell h- **** it, RUN!

Don't know much about Xbox, but you really need to learn about online privacy. Try using a proxy next time.

At least he was nice enough to warn you. Take it as a learning experience to not give away your information to people you can't physically see or talk to.