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  Odis12  |  11

Just because your psychologists job is to help you with your troubles, doesn't mean he/she isn't human. Think about being one. You get to sit there all day and listen to the most screwed up and odd things in people's lives. And technically, you can't even tell anyone why it bothers you, because that is against the law (doctor/patient confidentiality). If they aren't there for therapy, then they're there for their drugs.

  Jefzwang  |  4

While I agree with your sentiment, my OCD/Grammar Nazism compels me to point out that 'should of' is not correct. It's 'should've', as in 'should have'. Not trying to be a dick - it's just an irritatingly common error.

  JimBobJimBob  |  5

Your grammar isn't perfect.

Punctuation marks such as periods and commas go INSIDE quotation marks, not outside them. Unless you're not in the United States.

Also, OCD isn't an excuse for correcting other people's grammar. Do you have *diagnosed* OCD, or are you just using that to justify what you do?

  TorturedXeno  |  27

Search for "Gigli" and I think you'll find the shortest.

  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

Sooo I searched gigli haha I don't know why I found that so fact...I uhh don't know why I'm posting this....I uhh this is awkward....I'm gonna slowly stop t-y-p-i-n-g........