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Today, I was at Walmart with my stepmom. We were about to check out when a little sweet-looking old woman came up and asked if she could get in front of us. Seeing as she only had two items in her hands we said yes. Her husband then came up with two carts full of stuff, condoms on top. FML
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sommmerrrr tells us more.

I didn't think this would be posted so fast! But thanks for all the comments, they made my stepmom and me laugh our butts off. But we just went into a different line. Wasn't that big of a deal. But the granny didn't even say thank you! It was a little awkward seeing as they were so old but we still let that grandpa get in front of us. But thanks again for the comments guys!

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i dont know if that is an fml moment, that would completely suck. But you must admit, thats quite funny.

I honestly don't think you can blame the grandma. Think about it for a second. She didn't want to wait so she asked op. Op sort of shocked her by letting her go in front and then her husband came a bit later

Or I'm over thinking this and thug life granny tricked op

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This is why I ignore everyone who asks to cut me in line at market. I may seem like a heartless bastard, but at least I save time and ego. :)

why do they even need condoms? Surely she's well past menopause and if they're married I like to think they'd trust each other enough to not need to worry about STIs. unless one of them has one...

Is this the part where I'm supposed to say: "Only at Walmart"?

The apostrophe is on the wrong side genius.

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Haven't you heard 43? We're actually Americaaa.

#67 There's enough of that going around as it is. I don't think the 'Murica joke can make it much worse.

Nothing to worry about there... I've been to a few countries and I can say, they ALL have their "quirks". 'Murica just has the real gems. Enjoy it, we get a free show everytime we leave the house.

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And an apparent yay for the intense binge eating that comes afterwards. Grandma's gotta eat.

well, at least theyre being safe... No More Gereatric (sp) Pregos.

I would only click YDI if youre a regular of this site and youve already been warned about troll granny.

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#61 Maybe if you're lucky enough, you'd get 69 thumbs down too.

Breaking news, old people have sex too!

But if they're past menopause age, do they really need the condoms?

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It's for the lubrication probably.

Maybe they're swingers and have enough to worry about without bringing STDs to the table. Besides they probably don't have anymore room in their pill boxes to add more medicines.

#18 - If they're not married, and have been keeping each other companionship recently, then it would be a safe idea (infection-wise)!

#21 Condoms don't provide lubrication for longer than two mins. Besides lube is much cheaper and lasts longer than condoms. Flawed logic.

Edit: I type WAAYY too slowly, and I was outgunned anyway by SlapAndTickle's witty comment! *thumbs self down*

Of course they need condoms, they just screwed OP pretty well.

"A Tisket, a Tasket, a Condom or a Casket!" **also applies to old folks! :P

If all you need is lubrication, then you buy lube, not condoms.

@22 the other factor is that certain medications interact with birthcontrol pills.

Gotta love old people's sense of entitlement sometimes...

it's important they hurry up and get home... they don't have much time left!! ijs

They want to go out with a bang.. let them!

Just be straight forward: "I thought you only had two items to buy, but since its more, I am not giving you the spot on the line." It is as simple as that, mate, even if saying it may be a little bit harder due to the awkwardness that may arise.

Seriously, people need to stand up for themselves.