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By Steppingstone - 03/05/2023 15:00

Today, I saw on Facebook that my ex of 6 years got married a few days ago. We broke up a year and a half ago because we had different plans; I wanted marriage and kids, and he wanted to “enjoy life and have fun.” Guess I’m not good enough to “enjoy life and have fun” with. FML
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People change. Also, move on. Don't follow your ex.


People change. Also, move on. Don't follow your ex.

1) Work on becoming more fun. 2) Steal your ex back 3) ????? 4) Profit

It’s never a good idea to follow an ex on social media or any other way - It will only cause you pain. The ex is your past - You have to concentrate on now and the future.

I see these posts on here all the time. He apparently didn't want children and marriage with you and found it with someone else. Move on and find hobbies instead of stalking.

you weren't the one for him which means he wasn't the one for you.

omg this is literally me, except that my ex and I dated for 5 years not 6!