By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was driving back home after hanging out with some friends. I drove pass a woman standing next to a broken down car. I felt bad, so went back and offered her a ride home. Turns out it wasn't her car and she was a hooker. FML
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  Alpha35  |  4

Last time i remembered paying a female to do sexal favors isn't really something to be happy or proud of....... all because it means you can't get none

  TypicalCat  |  0

That's what I call an opticle Illusion but if you saw a woman on the side it the road she was most likely dressed like a skank where you lookin for some road head for your good deed?

  exoticfuck  |  0

ughh guys clearly this is a fml cuz he got a std. atleast you were tryin to do the right thing and got your job done. did it blow? YDI FOR HAVING FRIENDS THO

  astro_plastic  |  0

@ MQ: I'm going to look for it, it's somewhere in my mountain of dusty books.

@ eddie_paints: and I am sort of obsessed with femme fatales (in film- they're more glamorous and ridiculous) so THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying so. Made my day :)