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Today, I was driving back home after hanging out with some friends. I drove pass a woman standing next to a broken down car. I felt bad, so went back and offered her a ride home. Turns out it wasn't her car and she was a hooker. FML
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Aileen Wuornos FTW. (I doubt anyone will get that. No one here seems to share my serial killer interest.)


today I was forced to talk to a prostitute for a few seconds fml? boo fcking hoo man! FHL that she had to talk to you!

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um, actually #10, he felt thought that she was an ordinary woman who's car broke down. no, instead he ended up with a damn hooker. most likely, he had to drive her to someplace. THAT SUCKS. I would deffinitely not want a hooker in MY car.

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it does suck, but I bet she does too. badaboom.. how much did it cost you?

hahahaha did you help her succeed in her job?

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so how is this an fml? you helped a hooker without wanting her services in return. that's a good thing last time I checked

I don't see how that's a FML unless you got arrested.

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Last time i remembered paying a female to do sexal favors isn't really something to be happy or proud of....... all because it means you can't get none

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She's the one offering a ride.

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That's what I call an opticle Illusion but if you saw a woman on the side it the road she was most likely dressed like a ***** where you lookin for some road head for your good deed?

Why would he have to drive her someplace? It wasn't her car; she was outside working. If he took her anywhere, it's because he wanted to.

ughh guys clearly this is a fml cuz he got a std. atleast you were tryin to do the right thing and got your job done. did it blow? YDI FOR HAVING FRIENDS THO

so did youu give her a ride, alll the way home?

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wow sounds like a great night to me lol hung out with friends then helped a hooker....... yep definitely sounds like a great night

maybe check what the f she is wearing next time YDI

Maybe this is a sign for Virgin-Man? Prostitute + you (Virgin-Man) = BAM! Or bang.

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AHHHhahahaha!! that is awesome!

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past. not pass. sorry =( had to.

Oh my god what happened I accidentally picked up a hooker. One that is paid to give ******** and handjobs and other things. =O oh noo poor mee

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yourlifesfucked- it's actually passed. Past is after-tense, passed is a verb. Gezz, if you wanna be a Grammar-Nazi, at least do it right. :-)

igreenday: if you want to correct people, do it right..,OP said drove PASS, not drove passed, and besides, drove PASSED isn't right anyways

who says she was attractive? come on, not all hookers look like Julia Roberts.

Aileen Wuornos FTW. (I doubt anyone will get that. No one here seems to share my serial killer interest.)

Really? cause shes actually fairly famous especially because of that movie Monster. girl get molested girl runs away from home girl starts hooking for a price, your life!

Yep. My life exactly. But I was talking more about the FML commenter demographic..

Hey, I'm with you on the bit about criminal fascination. I read cases off Tru TV's Crime Library site when I'm bored.

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I used to know a one legged hooker named Aileen.

I hope she replaced her stub with a machine gun.

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She should get a machine gun too.

I was Cherry Darling for Halloween. So many high fives that night.

@ Plastic, So you know killers? Ever hear of Belle Gunnes or Winnie Ruth Judd? Female serial killers WAY before Aileen W. Oh yeah, I almost forgot Martha Beck!

Of course I know them. I have this big book on female killers, black widows, etc. I brought up Aileen because she killed men she hooked.

Whoa, what is this book called? That is pretty badass.

Be still my beating heart! Astro, you look like a Femme Fatale yourself,I mean that in a nice way!!

@ MQ: I'm going to look for it, it's somewhere in my mountain of dusty books. @ eddie_paints: and I am sort of obsessed with femme fatales (in film- they're more glamorous and ridiculous) so THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying so. Made my day :)

Astro, was it "Women Who Kill" or "Murder Most Rare"? Those are two I have. I have a thing for femme fatales, too.

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what did you do for the machine gun leg? 0_o

I hacked off my own leg and replaced it with a machine gun, of course. No, I painted one on a black knee-high boot. It came out pretty well!

This is epic something... I just haven't decided what yet...

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pretty sure it's an fml if they didn't WANT a hooker. don't question. just giggle.

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A fun ride, then a ride back to where she came from.