By Dang-ItsDanielle - 07/03/2009 18:28 - United States

Today, I was pushing my 4 year old on the swing. I did what we call our "under doggie push": I throw her up in the air while I run underneath her before she hits me coming back down. I walked away to get my water and she yelled across the park "Can we do it doggie-style again?" FML
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hahahaha! thats pretty great! if i were another parent in the park, i would be concerned...

This was a much needed laugh for the day Thanks! My wife and I do it doggy style all the time. I sit up and beg, she rolls over and plays dead. :P


hahahaha! thats pretty great! if i were another parent in the park, i would be concerned...

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lol kids say the funniest stuff! when I was little we would call them under-ducks.....

every child that had a swing knows exatly what the under doggie is :)

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hey it could be worse....u could be a guy lol

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75 yeah under ducks because you pretty much have to duck so you don't get completely decked by whoever is in the swing

when i was a kid at my school we called em under dogs.

I had to Google and watch a Youtube video to understand what this is. I've been swinging my whole life.

I wouldn't be too concerned, I'm sure the other parents in the park understood... kids say stuff like that all the time.

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hahahaha woww, i remember doing under doggies when i was young, too bad that happened in public soo awkward

Ouch. That's an FYI alright. So cute and horrifying at the same time!

that is hilarious. i'm not saying you deserve it, but its still hilarious. try thinking of a different name

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XD That is hilarious. Not an FML though. :]

LMFAOOOO , i agree with #2 its not that bad . its funny :P

haha i did that when i was younger, my parents now tell that story to all their friends my friends and famly members that will listen