By lolmyfduplife - 24/12/2015 06:10

Today, I put my 5 month-old daughter in her swinging chair and walked into the kitchen to make her a bottle. When I came back, she was giggling because the dog was licking her face. It would have been cute, picture worthy even, if I actually had a dog. FML
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dog turned out to be friendly so its still kinda cute even though its not ur dog.

At least the dog was friendly and in the holiday sprit! :D


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Guess the dog was... swinging it. I'll let myself out.

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Only the terrible ones, I guess.

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but the terrible ones are the best

@24 they are called terrible for a reason... Terrible things can't be the best at the same time.

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but all puns are, essentially, "terrible" and that's why they're so great.

#31, not entirely true; ever played Cards Against Humanity?

At least the dog was friendly and in the holiday sprit! :D

Maybe the stray dog was just tasting his next meal?

#54 how ignorant can you be? stop classifying babies.

Heath concerns aside that's still absolutely adorable

no such thing as health concerns aside... never know what kind of disease a stray dog might have

Children actually need to get in contact with bacteria and dirt. Otherwise their imune system would not develope sufficiently. Random fact: Their's a saying in german that goes "Kinder sollen auch mal dreck essen" wich means roughly translated "children should eat dirt from time to time".

Please forgive those of us that don't decide to take childcare advise from the Germans.

Good news is that since the dog is gentle and friendly it probably has a family and just got lost, which means it's likely the dog is vaccinated.

We don't know if it was a stray dog. Maybe it belongs to one of the neighbours and it's perfectly vaccinated :)

#19 Maybe thats why I rarely get sick and I'm bare minimum hygienic (shower once a day, brush, etc) and my sister gets sick at least three or four times a month and she's a germaphobe... Eitherway, happy dog, happy baby, who's the loser here again?

how does an animal get in your house without you noticing? maybe you can keep him?

It's probably a lost dog with a family looking for it. Found dog flyers, a non-emergency call to the police department to report it found, and a full body scan for a microchip are all in order.

dog turned out to be friendly so its still kinda cute even though its not ur dog.

But as a parent you would think of any negative things that could happen. For example rabies. The owner might have not gotten his shot in a while and the dog got rabies.

At least this isn't a "dingo ate my baby" situation.

Was it a neighbors dog or a stray? Because if it's a stray, merry Christmas! Enjoy your new pet!

I've had a strange cat come in, I looked up the stairs and it was casually chilling on the landing.

Wait, I think OP needs to clarify - are we talking about a neighbour's or a stray dog entering your home, or a ghost dog? Details are important OP.