By lolmyfduplife / Thursday 24 December 2015 06:10 /
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  mariri9206  |  32

but all puns are, essentially, "terrible" and that's why they're so great.

  PandaLord  |  15

Children actually need to get in contact with bacteria and dirt. Otherwise their imune system would not develope sufficiently.
Random fact:
Their's a saying in german that goes "Kinder sollen auch mal dreck essen" wich means roughly translated "children should eat dirt from time to time".

  gracehi  |  31

Good news is that since the dog is gentle and friendly it probably has a family and just got lost, which means it's likely the dog is vaccinated.

  blazingshot147  |  19

#19 Maybe thats why I rarely get sick and I'm bare minimum hygienic (shower once a day, brush, etc) and my sister gets sick at least three or four times a month and she's a germaphobe... Eitherway, happy dog, happy baby, who's the loser here again?

  MoxleyCrue  |  17

It's probably a lost dog with a family looking for it. Found dog flyers, a non-emergency call to the police department to report it found, and a full body scan for a microchip are all in order.

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