By Pisser - 26/06/2014 04:57 - United States - Portland

Today, my sweet 7-month-old puppy ran up to a big fat dog at the park and did what she always does: roll over on her back to start to play. The big fat dog lifted his leg and peed all over my puppy's belly. After the shock, my soaking wet puppy jumped on me. FML
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Oh god that's adorable. Disgusting but so so cute. Especially if you imagine OP's puppy as a little sausage dog

Wee all have nothing but sympathy for your predicament.


Oh god that's adorable. Disgusting but so so cute. Especially if you imagine OP's puppy as a little sausage dog

nooo I don't like those :(

36, why!?

Because he has a heart of stone, that's why. Look at their little faces and chubby bellies and floppy ears! HOW?!

I imagine the big fat dog as the one from Tom and Jerry :b

Random_Name_12 2

Yes, it was pathetic, funny, sad. She is a pug/cavalier mix. So cute, and submissive. So she ran around a little afterwards, but then it was like she was running from herself - she kept sniffing her belly and running away. After a minute or two, she ran up to me jumping on me whining! It was so sad and funny. I felt really bad but couldn't stop laughing. Needless to say she was bathed right upon returning home. But she hid under the covers all night - too embarrassed to come out. Sigh. OH! And the other dog was like a squatty white lab. Maybe a Lab/corgi mix. We'll see if my pup greets another big dog like that again.

Wait what? I'm confused. Are you trying to be the OP? Because your username and the OP's usernames are different.Or.are you on different account? Btw I'm asking #82

Alan, we need help! I think this IS op, they just did something wrong when submitting it.

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I hope your dog wasn't a Pomeranian, Chihuahua, or a Yorkie...

magnetic_aura 26

In my mind it's a little Golden Retriever puppy, all adorable and fluffy... then soaked and smelly. Little cutie.

How can anyone not like adorable dachshunds?

that must have "pissed" you off

Well at least it wasn't in a cup, like one of the previous FMLs... Although dog pee is pretty bad. FYL

Stop it.

Marcella1016 31

Sounds like the other dog made her dog his bitch.

Boy, everyone in this thread sure is unpopular.

#87 Though it looks as if you were spared.

World_Burner 13

Best friends already!

Pup-pee love.

It's a dream come true

Wee all have nothing but sympathy for your predicament.

That's exactly what I was going to say! It's like urine my head.

We're like two pees in a pod.

But both of you can't be number 1.

These jokes are just hilarious.

leash that little guy if you don't want him running up to dogs :P at least until you've trained him. and hey look at it this way, at least the big dog wasn't aggressive. that wouldn't have been good, he probably had the potential to seriously hurt your pup

The problem isn't that the puppy ran up to the dog. The problem is that a dog peed on her puppy.

6, I imagine the puppy was leashed and that OP just meant he ran up to the dog to greet him while being on a leash. I don't know many people that wouldn't leash a puppy, they're so crazy and hyper you can't just let them roam free. But if the dog was off leash than I completely agree with your comment #6.

Actually, I think the bigger issue is that after being peed on, the puppy then jumped on the OP, to share the experience(and pee).

I think he was at the dog park, hence why the puppy wasn't on a leash.

badluckalex 23

not all dogs need leashes

Puppy's are so adorable & innocent yet always getting themselves into silly predicaments.

A bit like little kids actually.

That's Adorable

Schizomaniac 24

Tell R. Kelly to leash his damn dog.

Schizomaniac 24

Upon further analysis and evaluation of the comment it has been realized that this incident could have occurred even if R. Kelly's dog was leashed. Schizomaniac Inc. apologizes for the inconvenience.

And that's why you use a leash :p

How would that help?? The puppy can still jump while leashed.... Trust me. I have 3 dogs

pikawarriors 18

@46 it would have stopped the pup from running over to the big dog and being peed on.

QueenofWheels 13

Where does it say it wasn't