By matiasbarbero - 16/02/2010 17:56 - United States

Today, a black cat crossed in front of my truck and I thought to myself that it was funny people believe black cats bring bad luck. Not even two minutes later, I drove my truck into a ditch. FML
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It's not the cat's fault you can't drive.

dude black cats ftw :p I see why ppl always go first!!! lol it's a big acomplishment ;p




Your a racist Imao

where would a cat and a ditch be in close proximity?

That's not bad luck. That's bad driving.

must be a woman driver

i agree about tha bad driving :) last time i had a black cat cross me was running fuel in western aus. i got him with the front wheel followed by another 42 wheels :) boy was i lucky to have lined him up right tho, only cos if i didn't i would have missed with the rest of the wheels :) lol

maybe you should have put less attention into the cat and more into the driving

Your a racist Imao

truth be told that women can't drive...

tweetbaby14 18

you ending up in a ditch has nothing to do with a cat crossing in front of your car. the fact that you were focusing on a cat while driving is why your car ended up in a ditch. there's a rule drivers follow called PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD WHILE DRIVING not some friggin animal.

it's Coraline haha if you talking about the movie..


damn... your a great driver :D

maybe you shouldn't have been paying attention to the cat (:

LOL Zigma. I agree wholeheartedly!! Unless, of course, the cat hopped in the truck and grabbed the wheel.... =)

#73 it's not bad driving. It's stupidity.

Yeah it's definitely bad driving. Not bad luck...

damn all i was gnna say was that the kinda road that would have a black cat and a ditch is this well known area called the country. lol, but i see im into somebody else philisophical debate about the plausible ramifications of folklore and fact. hahahahahaha vroooom! jefffah dun ham

dude black cats ftw :p I see why ppl always go first!!! lol it's a big acomplishment ;p

No, no, no. In Soviet Russia, black cat runs over you.

There is no longer such a thing called Soviet Russia. And if the cat would run over a Russian itself, the Russian fellow probably just had too much vodka.

#23 you sure have a good way of wrecking jokes......asshole.

He didn't even run over the cat?

18 hahaha!!! I saw that in Amsterdam! the guy was pissed drunk xDD

In soviet Russia, mudkip lieks you.

In Soviet Russia, you'd be taken to a ditch in the middle of the woods and shot for making any sort of joke about Russia.

Tits or gtfo

ahh nuu someone sent there's first :( lol


Black cats have nothing to do with bad driving

HAHA never underestimate black cats, broken mirrors...etc.

It's not the cat's fault you can't drive.

Well, maybe if his mind wasn't on cats he would have driven better?

maybe if he WAS a cat he would've drove better

I'm 98% Irish never doubt luck belive me

Actually, it's good luck to own one. It's bad luck for one to cross your path by chance.

What's funny is how you think people will be to awed by the coincidence to notice you are an idiot that can't drive.

you just can't drive, it's not the cats fault. So YDI.

dang it, #5 wrong the same thing I did first. =|

Just a coincidence. And, gee, I don't know--- maybe you crashed because you were distracted thinking about how funny it was that people think black cats are bad luck. This is an obvious YDI. Don't be superstitious.