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  catriona_cd  |  0

i agree about tha bad driving :)
last time i had a black cat cross me was running fuel in western aus.
i got him with the front wheel followed by another 42 wheels :)
boy was i lucky to have lined him up right tho, only cos if i didn't i would have missed with the rest of the wheels :) lol

  tweetbaby14  |  17

you ending up in a ditch has nothing to do with a cat crossing in front of your car. the fact that you were focusing on a cat while driving is why your car ended up in a ditch. there's a rule drivers follow called PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD WHILE DRIVING not some friggin animal.


damn all i was gnna say was that the kinda road that would have a black cat and a ditch is this well known area called the country. lol, but i see im into somebody else philisophical debate about the plausible ramifications of folklore and fact. hahahahahaha vroooom! jefffah dun ham

  Boffer  |  0

There is no longer such a thing called Soviet Russia. And if the cat would run over a Russian itself, the Russian fellow probably just had too much vodka.

By  MermaidSongXOXO  |  6

Just a coincidence.

And, gee, I don't know--- maybe you crashed because you were distracted thinking about how funny it was that people think black cats are bad luck.

This is an obvious YDI. Don't be superstitious.