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Today, it finally became clear to me that before you start dating a co-worker, it's best to figure out who they've already dated from work, just in case one of her exes is your new manager. FML
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Or you just don't date co-workers at all.

sweet2u22 9

Dating coworkers is against a lot of company's policies for a reason.


fitup77 16

Ah that sucks :/ let's hope work won't be so awkward

Well if you break up with him you and your new manager will have something to converse about then SHE WILL LOVE YOU

To muzikmajor. The OP said. One of her exes. Which obviously means he is talking about a girl. Learn to read you moron

sleepRX 16

21, she could be bisexual. Please don't assume.

eyeIoveyou 4

at least you two now have something in common and to converse about? :)

DaKillaMafia 2

Don't judge a book by its cover. Did I get it right this time?

Top right hand corner of the fml there is a little blue circle with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards to the right- male symbol....

Let's just hope OP doesn't get fired..

This Fml has a typo and it's really annoying me.

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The OP, his boss, and his girlfriend are hopfully mature and profetional enough to keep their love life away from work and not let their problem(s) have any effect on the work place.

Don't get your meat where you get your bread, OP...

ryanebk 7

Being bisexual is for *****

Into the company inkwell, OP, dippeth not thine pen...

Or you just don't date co-workers at all.

I wish feelings were that simple to control... "I'm terrible in love with one of my coworkers. It feels so great to be with him and he feels the same!" "Wait, did you just said 'coworker'?" "...Yeah?" "Forget about it immediatly." "Oh, m'kay."

Nonsense. I am part of one of 7 couples at my workplace; in fact we are the only couple that hasn't married.

Why date when you can just be friends with benefits?

jayellef 3

I dated my co-worker, and we're getting married this summer. Sometimes it does work out, but as long as you don't start drama, or get other people involved at work in the relationship.

If it doesn't work out you're ******

sweet2u22 9

Dating coworkers is against a lot of company's policies for a reason.

xSonic 9

Just you. OP will be boss about this and make out with her in front of his manager.

UrLyfSuxx 0

END IT. END IT NOW. Kidding, but if your manager is a total ass, then I wouldnt worry too much. Just find out who dumped who..

And if it was amicable, and if the ex isn't still carrying a torch, or is vengeful...

drewnewton 0

she sounds like a ***** just sayin...

Please, do explain to me how she seems like a *****

So if q person has more than one boyfriend/girlfriend, they're immediately ******?? Your logic amazes me.

My girlfriend introduced me to my boyfriend. *shrug*

Clearly, the original commenter is a Harry/Hermione 'shipper, and is applying their logic about Ginny towards everybody else in the world. (I tend to thrive on internet chaos, so this is how I know this.)

You just mad because you probably never even had a girlfriend or boyfriend so get over yourself, you probably don't even know what a ***** is...just saying

Prescott6185p 6

That's the stupidest comment ever, how is she a ***** you stupid dumbass???

She was in a, presumably, long term relationship with OP's manager, which she got out of, and now she is in a new relationship. Yep she is definetly a ***** who sleeps with the entire office carelessly.

Oh, it's fine now. Just took some *cough* syrup and drank a lot of water. I was fine the next day.

BAM! New no dating of coworkers rule is coming up in the next meeting! ;)

This sounds like it could be a tv show pilot.