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  bryannab1  |  0

The OP, his boss, and his girlfriend are hopfully mature and profetional enough to keep their love life away from work and not let their problem(s) have any effect on the work place.

  DjeePee  |  24

I wish feelings were that simple to control...

"I'm terrible in love with one of my coworkers. It feels so great to be with him and he feels the same!"
"Wait, did you just said 'coworker'?"
"Forget about it immediatly."
"Oh, m'kay."

  jayellef  |  3

I dated my co-worker, and we're getting married this summer. Sometimes it does work out, but as long as you don't start drama, or get other people involved at work in the relationship.

  rattusrattus  |  18

Clearly, the original commenter is a Harry/Hermione 'shipper, and is applying their logic about Ginny towards everybody else in the world.

(I tend to thrive on internet chaos, so this is how I know this.)

  SubaruWRXSTI  |  16

She was in a, presumably, long term relationship with OP's manager, which she got out of, and now she is in a new relationship. Yep she is definetly a whore who sleeps with the entire office carelessly.