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  sens3sfailing  |  24 I the only one thinking id rather see both and not care about size cuze, lets face it, boobs are boobs, and while some may be more awesome than others, they are still awesome

  timjones  |  8

Actually no pair of boons are the same. I don't know all the science terms along with it but there's something there that prevents them from being the same.

  caysters  |  12

A slight difference is normal. But if its very noticeable, that is not normal. I had that issue, and actually had surgery to correct it because it was called a tuberous breast.

  kittytub  |  12

most women's right breast is bigger than their left. its due to the fact that more women are right handed, and you have more muscle in that side. so left handed people usually have a larger left breast. (i hope that made sense.)

  Enslaved  |  36

He'll just think her asking to see the "bigger one" means the same penis but erect this time! Sounds like foreplay. . . Hello, sexy alone time. :P

  RoperGirl203  |  9

91, was that sarcasm?? There is nothing "rude" about that. 41 just pointed out that it's call an oxymoron. If you get offended that easily, you probably shouldn't be on here. (: