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It shouldn't have happened at all. Having Celiac disease isn't the same as refusing to eat gluten because you're on a trendy diet. This isn't a harmless prank which will be laughed off. OP has essentially been poisoned, and her body is unable to deal with it. If she specifically ordered a gluten-free pizza, that's what she should have gotten, fad diet or not.

you have to be specific on why you are gluten free because many assholes who don't need to be gluten free for health reason piss off restaurants with their pompousness and they generally run out of gluten free options.

  BeachMammal  |  8

So people don't have the right to choose what they put in their bodies, whether it meets your criteria or not? I have an idea what you should eat, and you can't say no.

By  longnight83  |  6

Congratulations, with the help of a good lawyer, you should now own a restaurant in the not-too-far future. Because that kind of negligence? You can sue the crap out of them.

By  anyoldnamewilldo  |  23

I am not normally the one to scream "sue", but in this case it is warranted. If you are ill because of their negligence, they should be liable for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. What is to keep them from lying about something like peanuts and causing someone's death?

By  Matt Much  |  11

Everyone that is all too happy to file a lawsuit. Is it better to file a lawsuit over one mistake and try to drive someone out of business with the legal system? I hope all you perfect folks never make any mistakes.

That and it's not like a gluten allergy is real anyways. It's just some whiner trying to follow the latest fad diet.

  BlaireFlair  |  5

As someone with friends that have Celiac's disease, stfu. You learn that stuff in a basic culinary class in high school or really just any culinary courses because you got to know that shit. It's just like any other allergy.

  longnight83  |  6

Dude... Celiac's disorder is real. So are gluten allergies. The fad diets came about because people with real problems got attention, people tried the diet, had reasonable success, and it caught on as a fad.

And yeah, people make mistakes, but there's a big difference between, "I'm sorry, there was some cross contamination of your food," and "I'm sorry, your food was falsely advertised/was not what you ordered for safety reasons." Things like that are why people lose their jobs, and why yes, companies get sued.

  Suaria  |  37

My boyfriend has Celiacs. I've seen him get very very sick when there's a food that has gluten contamination. Celiacs and gluten intolerances are very real things, and not everyone who's gluten free is following the diet fad.

  obie1975  |  9

Wtf is wrong with you? Celiac is a life threatening disease. There is a huge difference between someone being an ass and just being difficult and an actual disease. Grow up.

  abcorner1  |  4

my daughter is allergic to all items that have gluten, wheat, rye and barley. it is so severe that the allergist does not want us to expose her AT ALL at home but in office due to her numbers when we were testing for EoE. So eating a non gluten free pizza could potentially kill my child.

By  coachwithmark  |  5

I am severely allergic to gluten so I feel your pain. But I feel like there is more to the story here. So it sounds like you ordered a gluten free pizza, and they accidentally brought you one that wasn't gluten free?

You didn't realize it, ate the pizza, and afterwards they apologized when they realized they screwed up? Is that what happened?

Bottom line, If they screwed up and put you in a bad situation, then they deserve to be on the hook here. If they did it purposefully, then that's a whole different level of fucked up.

With that being said.. How did you NOT notice it wasn't gluten free? I have gluten free pizza all the time. *every* single gluten free pizza I've had was obviously gluten free. The crust is paper thin and non-existent. If someone brought me out a pizza that had thick doh'y crust.. I would be extremely skeptical and wouldn't take a bite.

  coachwithmark  |  5

It didn't and that'd why I specifically asked 'Is that what happened?' I have a really hard time believing that that they purposefully gave her the wrong pizza just to spite her, unless she was a complete bitch which I won't rule out. But the more likely explanation is that it's a pizza place. You're dealing with stoners and high school dropouts. More likely than not, they accidentally screwed up an order.