By KatieB - 04/04/2012 21:11 - United Kingdom - Newark

Today, my boyfriend was over. I asked my dad how long until dinner was ready, his reply was, "Five minutes, so no, you can't go upstairs for a quickie". FML
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Apparently your boyfriend's sister isn't the only one hearing those strange zombie noises coming from the bedroom...


What's with all these people having sex at their parent's house??

Cock block central

yeah, 4 minutes to spare

stevieb123 7

Yo where in nj

Op's father is a hero

Hero who might turn to a monster when she comes home and tells him,, dad remember that quickie we were laughing about the other day, well it got me pregnant

Plenty of time for a slut.

Forget going upstairs, theres a perfectly good bathroom or side room... hell go outsode if your that horny! haha

*looks at your profile* I sure hope your dad knows what's best too

he does, thanks anyway.

At least the father isn't so uptight about sex. That's a definite bonus.

Your 14 and you say "you know you want me" on your profile? Aren't you a little young to say things like that or even think like that? -.-

21, That's a lie, your clothes are in the corner of the pic, the ones you had on when you left the house so your dad wouldn't think you going out with a short black dress

SweetlyPsycho 4

25- She is practicing her future job at an early age, so by the time she is 18 she will be known as the number one slut/ whore on the streets.

Well you guys are picking on a 14 yr old. Good job guys.

2s real name is Chris Hanson.

26- Or, judging by the other mirrors and tiny rooms in the picture, she was simply trying the dress on at a department store change room, and took a picture of it because she liked how it looked. ;) And just because her father wasn't in that picture, doesn't mean he didn't know she went shopping for a dress. Little quick to label her a liar so fast, no? :)

Birdie_Sage 0

Wow, bullying a 14 year old is not cool, she can do whatever she wants, If you know her parents then do something about it.

25) did it ever cross your mind that she would be teasing creepers or did it just for the fun of it? come on guys no one wants to have 2+ father figures.

17 - He may… she just doesn't listen.

*also looks at profile* How do you function, 2? Clearly your over-dramaticized view of your "cool" spelling skills and hotness is affecting how these people, myself included, look at you. Yes, were judging. Come back when youre boobs grow in.

He/She who hesitates is lost. So I see no issue with their points of view :)

Your dress in your picture, IMO looks a little trampy. Try an spice it up with some accessories.

you guys have no right to judge how I dress or act. no one knows my story and the fact that my dads not even in the picture. who wants people judging you where ever you go? I'm sick of people judging me. they never for away. so I'm sorry if my picture was to revealing for everyone. also, no one knows what, where, or who the dress was for, right? well maybe people should shut their mouths before they ask questions.

Amen Gurl...! Just be cautious and safe in Anything you do or say... People shall always judge themselves and have concrete grounds to make a statement. Well, that's what smart, mature, people should do... Haha =P

Then she explodes.

The pic is cute. But it's kinda obvious that if you put your age, a dress pic, and yu know yu want me. In an Internet profile...the trolls/creepers will come. Such is the interwebs

I don't know about you guys, but I'd tap that. Seriously, though, she's right. You people are just making up stories of her family, morals and intentions based on a picture. Don't you guy have something better to do? Like, comment on the FML.

yeah, theirs plenty of other people my age doing worse things, go pock on them

Welcome to reality people are going to judge you either you like it or not, It's just the world we live in. you don't wanna be judged don't put/say something that's gonna catch everyone's attention

okay, number 1 the dress was for a winter dance in which I also had white leggings and a shoulder jacket...I took the picture to send to my mom who wanted to see it. I didn't go anywhere with only the dress. so how about people stop assuming things.

MizzErikaHart 8

Does yours?

danivolley64 10

i highly doubt it.. eesh

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Your boyfriend must be feeling the heat.

Apparently your boyfriend's sister isn't the only one hearing those strange zombie noises coming from the bedroom...

Wrong FML... lol

No, it's in the context of this FML, she's jest referencing another one. She's saying the dad hears "zombie noises" too as he knows they have sex at the house. Which, by the way, sex at a parent's house is idiotic.

Read the original post before commenting , idiot

61- Read the FML right below this one, idiot. FML, not comment

JudgeTroll - It's like they have forgotten what linking FML's means.

I thumbed you up for your picture

Dad knows best.

You're so unoriginal.

lol ikr it's not like 2 didn't say that -.-

Birdie_Sage 0

House? It was better when the 13 year old said it.

Wrong post moron. Try reading which post commenting on.

59- Jwidmayer, are you deliberately trolling here? The last two comments you made on this fml, you're labeling people idiots and morons and yet, it's you're like doing it for not understanding the comments and/or context yourself. :p The earlier zombie comment above: yes, he knew it wasn't this fml post, it's called flashback humour for making a past, related reference, and everyone else here, got it. This House comment here: The guy wasn't talking about the other OP's limping like House post, he was referring to the profile picture of House from the guy that made a comment that the 14 girl, Megan, stated earlier here. So please, try to realize that you aren't actually all that brilliant, the rest of us aren't dullards, do yourself a favour , and reread (and intellectually contemplate!) the bloody dialog before opening your mouth! I beg of you! It's unbelievably painful to watch you constantly prove your own self-reflecting insults! ;( (I mean all of this in the upmost respectful manner.) ;) Cheers.

Cocked blocked by your daddy. For shame D:

C94_ 0

Definitely blockage

Or bondage…

I just wana quickie, not bite marks no scratches, no hickies if you can't get with that mommy get with me..someone finish the chorus...

I don't wanna be loved, i don't wanna be loved, i just want a quick fix up in your mix miss i have you addicted Haha couldnt resist, i love that song :)

Challenge accepted

damnit, you beat me to it!