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Today, my best friend wanted to see what my new boyfriend looks like. By chance, he'd sent me a Snapchat a few minutes before, so I opened it to show her, only to see that it was a dick pic. FML
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Wasn't that the reason snapchat was made?

dancingprancer 6

opening snapchats in front of people can be risky! especially if you have weird friends like me lol


Wasn't that the reason snapchat was made?

Surely, if your partner sends you nudes via a certain app, you wouldnt open an unkown picture and show it to your friend

cheshireau 26

She should have viewed it first and if it was decent, screen capped it.

Anyone else notice that he's OP's NEW boyfriend and he's already sending her pics of his penis?

Yeah, was her response 'Your life sucks' or 'Your a great person - You deserved it'?

This is pretty much why I thought snap chat was created. The minute I heard how it worked I knew how it would be used. Horrible.

@67 - I still laugh at people trying to defend its use as a legitimate instant messenger.

Honestly. They just added the instant messaging feature. I just kinda use it to text girls with pictures attached and document "my story." Haven't used to sext yet lol

@90 - You're the type of person I laugh at when it comes to Snapchat, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

dancingprancer 6

opening snapchats in front of people can be risky! especially if you have weird friends like me lol

EphMi 5

or any new messages that you haven't seen before!

OP should just tell her it's a mushroom. A very ugly mushroom.

I take it you never seen one before, a better explanation is a baby's arm holding an apple?

You mean you can figure out the new snapchat? It feels like there should be a ******* class for it.

Unfortunately I think a 5 year old might understand it easier these days.

It's easy. Swipe left to talk, swipe right to shoot. The other buttons are menus to access your contacts or your account.

Then there's messages that stay if one or the other users press it, some chats disappear, live only works after like 30 seconds of holding, different settings for sending photos to people on your camera roll, shows someone is typing sometimes and sometimes not, stacks snaps you sent into a single message (makes people not realize you sent more than one image), replaces opened messages, unclear compatibility with older snapchats/phones, and hideous layout.

tl;dr snapchat became confusing for no reason

Dillyduzit 23

You never know what a snap is until you open it. You had the lady balls and risked it, YDI. Sorry, OP.

Hmm you should always check a snapchat from a guy first.. Especially if it's your boyfriend haha.

At least she saw what he looks like (if you know what I mean)

91hayek 31

You know, the day is coming where instead a police line up of faces they are going to do it with penises and the victim of the crime will identify the criminal from his penis. "That one. Yes. He is Carlos Danger. I'd know that penis anywhere."

haha, good one, a good one for sure! xD

Are you kidding I couldn't pick my own penis out of a lineup, and I've known it my whole life.

nothing says true romance like 3-9 seconds of ****

AnOriginalName 19

Hey, it's not our fault. We get better with practice.

raeepressley 12

*golf clap* Four for you #21. You go #21.

Well, at least your friend didn't 'recognize' your boyfriend.........

So true. Before i got to the end of the post, i thought she would be like "that's my new boyfriend too!"

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