By Jeanna S. - 23/11/2012 15:10 - United States

Today, my cat was too overweight to get out of the litter box, so he gave up, and went to sleep. I had to pick him up out of his own waste and clean him up. FML
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KingCeltic77 18

When your cat is too lazy to lift himself out of his own feces, you know it's time to put him on a diet. On the bright side, you don't need to waste money on a cat bed. Like Puss n Boots in Shrek 4.


zakkyzebra 11

That sounds like this one time we thought our super fat dog was just being lazy, as he was also laying in his own waste... He died...

zakkyzebra 11

Yeah.. I was the one who found him and figured out he was dead... I was like 7 or 8 at the time, too, and he was my best friend :/ But you know. Shit happens!

You had a chance for first comment and you chose to depress us? -_-

45 - it could've been worse, they could have said 'first' or 'lol fyl' or 'ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww'.

20 - I'm not sure if the 'shit happens' was a pun or a coincidence... PS: Awww no! That's horrible! RIP to your dog :(

The cat I had growing up was a little overweight, but if you seriously are that neglectful of your pet that you let him get so fat he can't even get out of the dam litter box you don't even deserve to have a pet.


It's not what he's feeding's how much

Probably the thanksgiving feast from last night.

im_bored_tired 12
Inheritance 10

15-I always give my cat more food than he needs and he's not overweight. Maybe OP needs to teach his cat moderation.

Cyrus00 41

How the **** do you teach a cat moderation...?

Or maybe it's the same cat who's name is actually Mollie. It's because of the neighbor!

Some chicken, and roast beef and some pizza. And that special sunday

Panda_Shy_Haven 17

Lol Sundaaaaaaaayy Spongebob. Good times. Gooooood times

imavelociraptor 6

103 & 113 - You know it's "sundae" right?

KingCeltic77 18

When your cat is too lazy to lift himself out of his own feces, you know it's time to put him on a diet. On the bright side, you don't need to waste money on a cat bed. Like Puss n Boots in Shrek 4.

"Smelly cat, Smelly cat.. What are they feeding you? Smelly cat."

KingCeltic77 18

"Smelly cat, it's not your fault."

When your cat is too fat and lazy to get out of it's own feces it's time to put it down!!

Wow. I'd say its time for a diet. They make some pretty quality diet foods for cats; I'd consult the vet ASAP. It isn't fair to the animal and is cruel of you to have let it get to this point.

WhisperSoflty 20

Not only does the cat need special diet food, he needs it in moderation. It really is beyond me why people are so scared to control feed their animals. It's almost as if they're worried about underfeeding, so they overcompensate. What they don't realize that being overweight can be just as detrimental to an animals health as being underweight.

I agree. This cat reminds me of humans in Walie, only it's a cat...

-nods- I just sold a snake hatchling to this guy with clear instructions to feed it every 6-8 days (normal for a hatchling). Instead, he fed it every 2 days, potentially causing massive internal damage, because "it looked hungry" -.- So yes, the human factor might be in play. On the other hand, there are quite some disorders / diseases in felines that can cause overweight without overfeeding, so we can't really blame OP without more information.

I have a large food bowl for mine and they don't over eat

You should watch what you feed your cat if he's getting that fat

Soft kitty, fat kitty, rolling in his waste, silly kitty, lazy kitty, purr purr purr. (Feel free to sing this song like Soft Kitty from TBBT)

littlemsweirdo 12

Hey. You were the one who overfed his fatass.

Well my cat is "fat" but it's no ones fault. She has an eating disorder and her food doesn't digest we'll and she throws up a lot and gets dizzy.

He didn't feline getting up. Good strategy, he got you to do it like a pussy. Fat chance of him doing anything unless you start cutting the kitty fat.

So many cat puns Obese, shit-stained fat feline Pussy in the box

Are you thinking that before you type? Sometimes the puns are being too tiring tbh

Urine for a lot of that type of thing if you don't get your cat on a diet.

bandeek 30

Why would you make a pee pun. There's nothing in this FML that makes your joke make sense.

WhisperSoflty 20

51 - except for the part where it clearly states in the FML that the cat was laying in its own waste. Urine is a type of waste. Reading comprehension and basic deduction skills: use them.

One thing cats do in their litter box is pee.

Wow, that is kind of sad. Do you give him too much food or does he get it somewhere else? If you caused this: YDI and please stop, being overweight is not very healthy for cats. If your neighbour feeds your cat or your cat hunts too much: YLS

TheDrifter 23

Somehow, with the cat being too fat and lazy to exit the litter box, I don't see hunting bring its favorite pastime. Also, please don't let cats wander people. The world has enough feral cats